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Angler access arrangements

Thompsons Creek Dam (TCD) is located near Lithgow and Wallerawang and is used primarily as an off creek water storage for the Mount Piper and Wallerawang power stations.

The dam offers some of the best lake based fishing for trophy sized Rainbow and Brown trout in NSW and is managed by the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) as a trophy fishery.

Thompsons Creek Dam is a unique fishery in that access to this private property is granted for anglers only.

DPI, anglers and Energy Australia jointly developed an access agreement. Conditions of entry form part of the access negotiated and have been developed in the interest of all parties. Anglers must abide by the conditions of entry to ensure ongoing access is maintained for all.

Fishing rules and conditions of entry

Access to and fishing at Thompsons Creek Dam is regulated under the Fisheries Management Act 1994 and by the Conditions of Entry and Use.

Some specific activity related to Thompson Creek Dam is controlled through Section 8 closure notification with other generic rules such as size limits continuing to apply as well (see the Recreational Fishing pages).

Anglers should familiarise themselves with all the current fishing rules before fishing and abide by the Conditions of Entry and Use.

Fishing rules specific to Thompsons Creek Dam contained in the closure notice restrict fishing activity to:

  • Artificial fly and lure fishing.
  • One attended rod and line per person fishing with no more than three hooks.
  • Not more than three treble hooks or three double hooks attached to any lure.
  • Shore based fishing only. This does not include active wading (note: fishing from the dam wall is not permitted by virtue of other restrictions).
  • fishing is only permitted between one hour before sunrise through to four hours after sunset.

Conditions of entry and use

In addition to the requirements of the Fishing Closure, the Conditions of Entry and Use are:

  • walk-in access only (e.g. no vehicles, motorbikes, pushbikes, etc.);
  • one point of entry, being from the Willow Vale Road car park;
  • no fires;
  • no guns or other firearms;
  • no camping, swimming (including active wading), boating or digging;
  • no removal of firewood, rock, flora, fauna, or anything else from the land except fish;
  • no dogs or other animals;
  • no interference with the landholders’ property; and
  • persons fishing do so at their own risk.

Please note that the landholder may at any time at its discretion refuse access through the land to the fishing site by any angler.

For more information relating to access at this site please contact Angler Access staff angler.access@industry.nsw.gov.au or Ph 02 60424214 .

Report illegal or suspect fishing activities to the Bathurst Fisheries Office on: 02 63311428 or  use the Fishers Watch Phoneline on 1800 043 536 or complete the online report form.

For emergency access to the fishing site call Energy Australia Security Ph: 02 63528603


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I walk over the dam wall? A: Anglers can walk over the dam wall and must remain within the fenced boundaries. If a vehicle approaches anglers must give way by moving to the lake side of the road while remaining within the fenced area.

Q: Can I wade in the lake? A: Wading is not allowed, the conditions of entry stipulate that shore based fishing is only permitted.

Q: Can I ride a pushbike in? A: No, the conditions of entry stipulate that foot access is only allowed.

Q: Can I enter through the Sunny Corner State Forest? A: No access is only permissible from a single point of entry being via the Willow Vale Road car park.

Q: What will happen if anglers ignore the conditions of entry? A: Anglers as a whole stand to lose access due to anglers’ own actions. The landholder reserves the right to limit access to all anglers at any time if anglers ignore the conditions of entry.

Q: What if there is an accident? A: If required ring 000 then contact Energy Australia security on 02 63528603 immediately. Accessing the lake is difficult and specifically identifying your location can be confusing. Describe the area you are in following the guidelines as indicated on the main sign at the Willow Vale Road car park.

Q: What will happen if I break the rules? A: Breaching any aspects of the provisions created specifically for the Thompsons Creek Dam under the Fisheries Management Act 1994 or which generally apply related to fishing activity under legislation can result in being cautioned, fined or being prosecuted in court for any offences committed.  Breaking conditions of entry can lead to being removed form the area by the land owner and/or result in other action by the land owner related to their legal rights or specific legislated provisions in respect to the area of land/waters.