Wallis Lake District Recreational Fishing Guide


Fishing is a fun, outdoor activity for the whole family. Fishing rules help ensure healthy and sustainable fisheries for future generations.

The waterways of the Wallis Lake district provide excellent beach, rock, and boat fishing opportunities.

This guide provides essential information on fishing, including any closures and restrictions, which apply within Wallis Lake region comprising Wallis and Smiths Lakes estuaries, Khappinghat Creek, the Manning River and its tributaries, Crowdy Head, and the offshore waters between Seal Rocks and Diamond Head.

The Port Stephens – Great Lakes Marine Park covers an area of ocean waters within the Wallis Lake region between Cape Hawke Surf Life Saving Club and Seal Rocks, offshore to the 3 nautical mile limit of state waters. It also covers the estuarine waters of Smiths Lake and its tributaries.

This publication provides valuable information on fishing in the Wallis Lake district including:

  • closures
  • maps
  • fishing rules
  • catch & release
  • recreational fishing havens
  • fish aggregating devices (FADs)


Published: May 2016