Snowy Lakes Trout Strategy

The Snowy Mountains are one of the State's premier tourist attractions and fishing in the region's lakes and streams has a world-renowned reputation of excellence among keen anglers. Tourism and recreational fishing are vitally important to this spectacular area of the State. The Snowy Lakes trout fishery is the most significant trout fishery in NSW and is of great economic importance to the region.

As such, it is important that the recreational trout fishery is managed sustainably to ensure fishers can continue to enjoy fishing in the Snowy region and that the fishery also continues to generate employment opportunities to the fishing and tourism industries.

A Snowy Lakes Trout Strategy Working Group has been established to assist the NSW Government in the development of this strategy. The group comprises representatives from the Monaro Acclimatisation Society, NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers, tackle and tourism industries, fishing media, National Parks and Wildlife Service, Snowy Hydro, the Southern Rivers Local Land Services and the Jindabyne Chamber of Commerce. The group also comprises fisheries managers, researchers and Gaden trout hatchery staff. The group is chaired by the Executive Director, Fisheries NSW.

This strategy sets out a range of management objectives, designed to support high quality trout fisheries and positive angling experiences for all anglers. The strategy has been developed to ensure that the Snowy Mountains region continues as the State's premier trout fishery for generations to come.