Southern Rivers catchment

The Southern Rivers Catchment occupies an area of approximately 29,000 square kilometres. It is bounded on the west by the Great Dividing Range and on the east seaward to three nautical miles.

The region has many major rivers, including the Minamurra, Kangaroo, Shoalhaven, Clyde, Deua, Tuross, Brogo, Bega, Bemboka, Towamba, Genoa and Snowy.

Estuarine Habitat Maps

There is now a complete coverage for the 154 NSW estuaries which contain one or more of the important estuarine habitats such as seagrass, mangrove and saltmarsh. These maps will provide coastal Local Land Services (formerly CMAs) and Local, State and Australian Governments with information to support natural resource condition targets and to monitor the effectiveness of management actions against those targets.

Find out more about Key Fish Habitat mapping.

Barriers to fish passage

Fish passage can be restricted within the catchment area by instream structures. There are three reports assessing the impacts of weirs, road crossings and floodgates (respectively) and how these impacts might be reduced.

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