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About hunting guides

A hunting guide is a person who accompanies other persons on a hunt for game or feral animals in return for a fee or reward.

In NSW, individuals seeking to be a paid guide for other hunters in their pursuit of game birds on private land, including native game birds under the Native Game Bird Management Program, must first hold a General Guide Game Hunting Licence.


A NSW General Guide Game Hunting Licence (G-Guide) authorises you to:

  • undertake guided hunting activities for game birds on private land in NSW
  • hunt game birds for personal recreation (standard G-Licence authority).

A G-Guide licence does not entitle you to hunt or guide hunting activities on public land.

Please note, a G-Guide licence is no longer required for guiding others as they target feral deer on private land.


Applicants for a G-Guide licence must:

Safari Tour Permit

Before you can legally guide hunters in NSW, you must also obtain a Safari Tour Permit from the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry through Service NSW. The permit authorises the possession and use of firearms on organised safari tours in NSW.

If you will be guiding hunters from overseas, ensure they obtain a permit from the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry authorising their possession and use of a firearm in NSW. They also require a Visitors Game Hunting Licence for hunting on public land in NSW.

Special conditions

As Guide licence holders are responsible for not only themselves, but also for their clients (often overseas visitors), additional conditions apply to their activities.

All Guide hunters must abide by special conditions that are in addition to the standard licensing and hunting conditions.

Carry a firearm

On all guided hunts, Guide Licence holders must carry a firearm of appropriate calibre for the animal(s) being hunted, to be able to despatch a game or feral animal if required.

Ensure client compliance

Hunting guides need to ensure that all clients comply with relevant legislation and that they hold a current NSW Game Hunting Licence (General or Restricted) when hunting game birds on private land.


When conducting guided hunting activities, guide licence holders are not covered by insurance provided by NSW DPI. Public liability insurance covering guided hunting activities is the licence holder’s responsibility.

However, if hunting recreationally for personal purposes, guide licence holders are covered with $25 million public liability insurance.


The concession rate is only available to pensioners holding an eligible pension card. Supporting evidence must be supplied with your application. Read the Granting a licence page for more information on qualifying for the concession rate.

Licence term Full rate Concession rate
1 year $175 $117
2 years $340 $227
3 years $500 $335
4 years $645 $430
5 years $780 $523

Record keeping

Guide licence holders should always keep a record of their hunting activity to distinguish between private and guide hunting activities for insurance purposes.

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NSW General (Guide) Game Hunting Licence - application/renewal form (PDF, 161.8 KB)

NSW Game Hunting Licence - licence replacement form (PDF, 98.4 KB)

Note: you must download and submit a PDF form to request a replacement licence.

More information

For more information on the NSW General Guide Game Hunting Licence, contact DPI Hunting:

P: 02 6363 7650