Bees on hexagons

NSW Government provides a range of support to the Beekeeping industry.

Use the list below to identify the most appropriate contact.

Nuisance/ neighbour issues with bees

For cases where bees from a hive are causing a danger to public health or safety the Biosecurity Act may allow for action to be taken. Review the Nuisance Bee complaint guidelines to determine whether this may apply to your own situation. If applicable call the Biosecurity helpline on 1800 680 244 or use the online form. For any other concerns contact your council to determine the most appropriate resolution.


Report American Foul Brood and other notifiable bee diseases or neglected hives.

Submit an online form or call the Biosecurity Helpline: 1800 680 244.


Report suspected exotic bee pests.

Request interstate health certificate for bees.

Submit an online form or call the Domestic Quarantine hotline on 1800 084 881.

Bee poisoning

Report a honey bee pesticide event in New South Wales by contacting the Environmental Protection Agency on 131 555 or visit

Beekeeping registration

Register online or call Biosecurity & Food Safety Licensing Unit on 02 6552 3000 and select option 1.

Apiary sites on public land

To enquire about Expressions of Interests or new beekeeping sites on public lands including state forests, travelling stock reserves and national parks contact the Apiary Sites Service Desk at

Beekeeper training

Tocal college offers accredited beekeeping industry skills training through short courses, Beekeeping Traineeships, and the Certificate III in Beekeeping.

Plant Health Australia offers Bee Biosecurity Online Training through several short online courses. For more information follow the link Bee Biosecurity Online Training.

Other industry contacts