Beekeeper registration

Be a responsible beekeeper

Bees are amazing animals that play a critical role in global food security as well as providing income to professional beekeepers and enjoyment to hobbyists the world over. However, bees are constantly under threat from a range of devastating pests and diseases, many that are not present in Australia, as well as the impacts of chemicals and pollution.

If you are a beekeeper, you can play your part in protecting our bee populations and the role they play in pollination by registering your hives. In fact, in NSW, beekeepers must be registered with NSW DPI.

Compulsory registration helps us prevent the spread of diseases unwanted pests and diseases including Varroa and tracheal mites. We are able to contact beekeepers and locate hives that may require treatment or inspection.

We are also able to offer registered beekeepers regular information on beekeeping biosecurity and training services.

How to register?

Click on the following links to register or renew your registration through Service NSW.

Register online (for new beekeepers) Renew online (for registered beekeepers)

Alternatively, you can complete the Application for registration as a beekeeper form (PDF, 1246.54 KB) and send this with your payment to:

Beekeeper registrations
Department of Primary Industries
PO Box 232
Taree, NSW, 2430

Further information
Tel: 02 6552 3000
Fax: 02 6552 7239

Registration details

Registration period

A bee registration issued under the Biosecurity Act 2015 will be valid for 2 years.

Prescribed fee

Applications - a fee (incl. GST) is payable at the time of application or renewal.


Variation - no fee will be charged for the variation of a bee registration, at this time.