Beekeeping on public land

To keep beehives (an Apiary) on public land in NSW you must hold a permit or license to do so from the government agency that manages the land.

Following the new policy framework for apiary sites on public land, we are now standardising the administration of apiary sites permits across all agencies.

The first pilot of the EOI allocation process will be run with a limited number of available sites.  Other than these sites at this stage of the transition enquiries should continue to be made directly with the agencies responsible for the land you wish to locate your beehives on.


Contact details for the main public agencies are listed below.

Forestry Corporation of NSW

Forestry Corporation NSW manage the majority of public forestry areas that are not in National Parks or Reserves. Current information about Apiary permits is on the Forestry Corporation Permits page.

For East Coast Forests contact Kim Drysdale, Public Information Officer
Phone: 02 6585 3744

For Western NSW Forests contact Kirrily Cain, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 02 6841 4214

Local Land Services

The Local Land Services (LLS) manage travelling stock routes (TSR’s) and other crown land which may be suitable for beekeeping sites. Each LLS region has an apiary contact. Find out what region you are in.

Table 1: LLS contact details




Phone number


Central Tablelands

Alistair Gordon-Smith

Senior Biosecurity Officer

02 6333 2324

Central West

Wanda Bennetts

Customer Service Officer

02 6842 6600

Greater Sydney


No permits being issued currently.




Doug Bradley

TSR & Emergency Management SLSO

02 4939 8967


Judy Gillett

Customer Service Officer

03 5886 1203

North Coast

Dean Chamberlain

Team Leader Invasive Species and Plant Health

02 6604 1105

North West

Michelle Wheeler

Customer Service Officer

02 6790 7600

Northern Tablelands

Michelle Evans

Customer Service Officer

02 6720 8300


Hayley Johns-Woodland

Customer Service Officer

02 6923 6300

South East

Chloe O’Mara

Customer & Admin officer

02 6118 7700


Kerryn Hart

Senior Land Services Officer TSR

03 5021 9401

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

NPWS parks and reserves have very limited potential for new apiary sites in accordance with their beekeeping policy. Apiary enquiries can be referred to