User interface of MiniHoneyMoney

MiniHoneyMoney 1.01.04 was developed by Industry & Investment NSW for honey producers to monitor the cost of production and profitability of their operation.

The details required to use the spreadsheet are monthly or average annual hive numbers, business income and operating costs. The cost of production and margins are calculated automatically and expressed on a per kilogram of honey and per hive basis.

Data generated by MiniHoneyMoney is also compatible with the comparative analysis system, BenchMarkBiz.

Technical requirements

MiniHoneyMoney 1.010.04 requires Microsoft Excel (testing has been performed on Excel versions 2003).

The software uses macros to perform many functions, so macros must be 'enabled' to ensure it performs these functions and automatic processes correctly.

It is also useful to check the security setting on your Excel program as this can hinder operation of the program if the security setting is on High.

Open Excel, select Tools, select Macro, select Security and then select Medium before opening this file.

MiniHoneyMoney v1.01.05
XLS, 1.3 MB