Pollen trapping and storage


Pollen is the male reproductive element of flowering plants.

While it provides genetic material and nutrients for the development of seed, it is also an important component of honey bee nutrition.

Pollen is gathered by foraging field bees from the male parts of flowering plants called the anthers.

When foraging on flowering plants bees become covered with pollen grains. This aids the transfer of pollen between flowers (cross-pollination).

Although this is important for many plants to prosper, it is also an important ingredient in satisfying honey bee nutritional requirements.

Some of the topics covered by this factsheet include:

  • nutritional value of pollen
  • seasonal issues
  • pollen trapping
  • collecting pollen
  • processing
  • market standards
  • bee feed
  • bee management


Factsheet 1126 Second Edition

Published: 01 May 2012