Asian giant hornet

Dorsal view of a male Japanese giant hornet

Asian giant hornet being held by a persons fingers, showing the size is comparable to half a human finger

Vespa mandarinia

Should I report?

Asian giant hornets are not present in Australia. If you suspect you have found a Asian giant hornet, you must report it:

Include a photo of the insect as part of your report.


Asian giant hornets (Vespa mandarinia) and the subspecies Japanese giant hornets (Vespa mandarinia japonica) and are the world’s largest hornet. They are approximately 38 mm in length with a wingspan of 76 mm. Their head is orange, their thorax is dark brown and they have alternating brown/black to yellow/orange bands on their abdomen.

Giant hornets are a social species and typically chose a nest site in enclosed spaces built by the queen.


Asian giant hornets are native to eastern Asia, India and Nepal and are primarily found in mountainous areas.


Asian giant hornets have a direct impact on honey bee colonies by killing honey bees and their brood to feed themselves and their brood.