Australian paper wasps

Paper wasps tending to their nest of papery circular structures

Brown wasp with yellow markings on a brown branch

Polistes humilis

Should I report?

Australian (or common) paper wasps are found across the southern mainland of Australia. You do not need to report this species.


Australian paper wasps are similar to the Asian hornet, only Australian paper wasps are much smaller and have reddish brown body colouring with distinct yellow face, abdomen and thorax.

Their size ranges from 10–15mm and they are social species that build nests out of chewed up plants or wood material mixed with saliva. They can be territorial if their nest is threatened and will sting if they feel the need.


These wasps are found across the southern mainland of Australia stretching across southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and southern Western Australia.


Adult paper wasps feed on nectar and collect caterpillars and other small insects to feed their brood. The Australian paper wasp is part of the Australian ecosystem and plays an important role in pollination services and population control.