Asian Hornet

Asian hornet collecting pollen from small white flowers

Dorsal view of an Asian hornet

Vespa velutina

Should I report?

Asian hornets are an invasive predatory pest not present in Australia. If you suspect you have found an Asian hornet, you must report it:

  • Call the Exotic Plant Pest hotline on 1800 084 881,
  • Submit an online form, OR
  • Email

Include a photo of the insect as part of your report.


Asian hornets have distinguishable yellow tipped legs with a yellow/orange face. Their body is velvety black/dark brown and they have fine yellow bands bordering on each abdominal segment, only the fourth segment is entirely yellow/orange. Worker wasps are approximately 25mm in length and the queen ranges from 30–35mm in length.

Asian hornets are a social species and live in colonies between 500–1500 hornets with spherical shaped nests that range in size from 60-90cm in height and 40–70cm in diameter.


Asian hornets are native to Asia and are now invading areas across Europe. Asian hornets are not found in Australia, if you suspect an Asian hornet you must report it (see above reporting methods).


Asian hornets have a direct impact on honey bee colonies by killing honey bees and their brood to feed their own larvae. Asian hornets also have an indirect impact on hive health by causing honeybees to spend time and energy in defence to the constant threat of attack and thereby inhibit foraging activities and exhausting their resources.

Asian hornets are strong flyers and are spreading in other countries at approximately 100km per year whilst displacing other wasps and honeybee species.