Activity restrictions

Domesticated animals

Domesticated animals (including dogs and horses) are permitted on marine park beaches in accordance with Council requirements under the Local Government Act 1993.

However, to protect important roosting and feeding habitat for threatened shorebird species, domestic animals (including dogs and horses) have been prohibited from the following areas:

  • the rock platform at Green Point
  • the Currambene Creek Mudflats Sanctuary Zone
  • the Myola sand spit at the southern end of Callala Beach

Domesticated animals will be permitted within any marine park zone if they are assisting a disabled person, are a police dog on official duty, remain confined to a vessel or vehicle, or if the owner has a marine park permit.

Motorised vehicles

Motor vehicles must not be used in the marine park for recreational purposes other than to launch or retrieve vessels from designated boat launching facilities.

Only emergency vehicles, vehicles authorised by adjoining land managers and commercial beach haulers are permitted on marine park beaches.

Anchoring and mooring

Anchoring is generally allowed in the park with the following exceptions:

  • Huskisson Sanctuary Zone, other than in the 'designated anchoring area' within 200 m of Shark Net Beach
  • Hare Bay Sanctuary Zone, other than in the 'designated anchoring areas' marked on the Zoning Map and User Guide (PDF, 881.61 KB)
  • Sanctuary zones at Currambene Creek mudflats, upper Currambene Creek, Moona Moona Creek, Wowly Gully and Blacks Cave Creek
  • From November to April a seasonal prohibition on anchoring extends 300 m seaward of the Outer Tubes (south of the Docks sanctuary zone). This is to alleviate conflict between land- and boat-based anglers and divers

Moorings in the park include:

  • Marine park seagrass-friendly moorings at Bindijine, Huskisson and Callala Bay.
  • Private moorings for larger vessels in Currambene Creek and at Callala Bay, and at Vincentia.
  • A marine park permit is required to install or relocate a mooring in Jervis Bay Marine Park.
  • Marine park public moorings are located at several sites:
    • Bindijine, adjacent to Honeymoon Bay Campground, has public moorings for campers with small vessels up to 5 m in length;
    • 3 public moorings adjacent to the main village of Huskisson and one at Callala Bay cater for larger vessels of up to 20 m in length.
  • While providing a convenient facility for boat users, the primary purpose of these moorings is to protect sensitive marine habitat.

Personal watercraft and hovercraft

Personal watercraft (including jet skis) are not permitted in sanctuary zones unless transiting directly through the sanctuary zone to or from the location where the vessel was launched and speed must not exceed 10 knots.


Collecting and hand gathering are restricted to a set list of species in the park's user guide (PDF, 881.61 KB).

These regulations apply to collecting marine plants and animals in the park:

  • collecting plants, animals and fossils for educational or scientific purposes may be allowed with a permit;
  • commercial collection for the aquarium trade is prohibited;
  • aquarium specimens may be collected recreationally within habitat protection zones and general use zones with a permit;
  • collecting for recreational purposes (for bait or consumption) is permitted in habitat protection zones and general use zones, although it is limited to species listed as part of the park zoning plan [insert pop-up window with list of species];
  • collecting shells and shell grit is allowed in habitat protection and general use zones for non-commercial purposes.

Fish feeding

Fish or shark feeding of any kind, including the use of urchins, is not permitted in the marine park. Berleying is permitted in direct conjunction with recreational fishing activity in the relevant zones.

Fish cleaning

Cleaning fish or fishing gear is not permitted in sanctuary zones.

Artificial reefs

Please see the policy on Artificial reefs and fish attracting devices in NSW Marine Parks (PDF, 87.9KB) for more information.

Other management actions