Commercial fishing

Commercial fisheries that use the park include:

  • estuary general fishery
  • lobster fishery
  • ocean hauling fishery
  • ocean trawl fishery
  • ocean trap and line fishery
  • abalone fishery

Jervis Bay is classed as 'estuary' waters and only estuary general and ocean hauling fisheries can occur inside the bay. The remaining fisheries are restricted to the 'ocean' waters at the entrance to and outside Jervis Bay.

Vessels travelling through sanctuary zones

Fishers may transit through any sanctuary zone with:

  • Fishing rod 'fully rigged', provided no part of the line is immersed in the water and no hook is baited
  • Nets provided no part of the net is in the water
  • Trawlers must have the cod end of a trawl net open and the otter boards out of the water while transiting a sanctuary zone.

Other management actions