Volunteering information

Fishcare Volunteer program Public Code of Conduct

Whilst in Fishcare uniform and/or performing Fishcare duties the appearance and behaviour of a Volunteer shall be professional at all times, and must include:

  • operating free of the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs
  • wearing of Fishcare uniforms and identification tags at all times whilst on duty, this includes direct travel to and from duty. At no other times shall Fishcare uniforms be worn
  • no alterations to be made to uniforms without Departmental consent
  • keeping uniforms clean, neat and tidy at all times
  • not lending uniforms to any person not involved in the Fishcare program
  • uniforms remain the property of the Department and must be returned in their entirety when instructed to do so by the Fishcare coordinator
  • notifying the Department of any loss of uniform immediately
  • being aware of and practice, equal opportunity principles, occupational health and safety principles and cultural sensitivities, as directed by NSW Fisheries
  • promoting the interests of the Department and maintaining professional neutrality on non Fishcare related issues such as politics and religion
  • only promoting products and services authorised by NSW Fisheries
  • not performing or assisting in any compliance duties involving powers of arrest
  • contacting the Fishcare coordinator prior to undertaking duty including location and time frame
  • at all times must follow the directions of the Fishcare Coordinator
  • only undertaking Fishcare duties during the hours between sunrise and sunset
  • only undertaking high risk activities in groups of two or more volunteers (ie angler surveys, research surveys) not undertaking Fishcare duties in private vessels.

Statements of principles for the recognition of volunteers

Volunteering Logo

Our organisation upholds these principles of care, respect and dignity for all our people:

  • This organisation demonstrates a commitment to best practice in volunteer management and all our people respect and support this commitment.
  • Our volunteers are involved in the life of the organisation and are included in decisions that affect them.
  • This organisation provides volunteers with clarity about their roles and is clear about expectations and policies that impact on their roles.
  • Our volunteers respect the roles of everyone in the organisation.
  • This organisation recognises and celebrates the contribution of volunteers.
  • Our volunteers are provided with training and professional development for their roles.
  • This organisation provides all our people with the opportunity to resolve disputes with respect and dignity.