Fishing workshops

DPI runs fishing workshops in both freshwater and saltwater locations at safe locations throughout NSW and also at our flagship hatcheries, Gaden (Jindabyne), Dutton (Ebor), Narrandera and Grafton.

Workshops are currently being run using COVID safe practices. As a COVID precaution, each child participating must have a responsible adult in attendance (or 1 parent per family group).

When are the next DPI workshops?

Freshwater workshop timetable

*Please note our workshops are run using COVID-safe practices.


Workshop dates


South West Region

Brett Smith

M: 0447 219 618



Lions Park, Forbes - Book Online

Lions Park, Forbes - Book Online

Gaden hatchery Workshops

Blake Fallon

M: 0438 245 190





North West Region

Roger Cupples

Ph: 02 6763 1242

M: 0419 662 508

*To be rescheduled

Deano's Spring Water Trout Hatchery, Black Mountain

North Coast Region

Melanie Buhler

M: 0458 274 876


Ebor, Dutton Hatchery Workshops

Saltwater workshop timetable

*Please note our workshops are run using COVID-safe practices.


Workshop dates


North Coast Region

Melanie Buhler

M: 0458 274 876

*To be rescheduled

Red Rock


Evans Head

Central Region

Travis Morgan

M: 0429 485 691


Sydney Region

Sophie Johns

M: 0417 445 847




South Coast Region

Blake Fallon

M: 0438 245 190

*To be rescheduled

Burrill Lake


Greenwell Point

What is included in fishing workshops?

Workshops can range in time from 2-4 hours. All participants are taken through a series of interactive fishing activities including:

  • A fishing session
  • line rigging and baiting
  • knot tying
  • fishing rules
  • casting techniques, retrieval of fish and fish handling
  • fishing safely and responsibly
  • conservation of fish habitat

At the completion of the day, each child is receives a rod, reel, tackle box, sunglasses and goodie bag to take home with them.

Your child's safety on the day

DPI complies with current COVID safety guidelines. A parent must therefore attend to aid their child with baiting, knots, casting and during practical fishing. All DPI all staff and volunteers undergo working with children checks as required by the NSW Commission for Children and Young People, and other agency guidelines.

Sites used by the agency to undertake the workshops are risked assessed by experienced DPI staff, and risks and hazards identified and addressed.

All parents are encouraged to ensure their child is appropriately dressed for the days activity, including enclosed shoes and a hat. Please bring a water bottle and ensure sunscreen is applied beforehand.

Details of children with allergies and/or health conditions should provide any relevant information to the organising Education Officer prior to the event.

How do I get involved in these fishing workshops?


Promotion is done via this website, the NSW Fisheries Facebook page and at agency offices. Bookings are taken using Eventbrite and links will be provided in the table above before each event.


Special needs, community engagement and CALD fishing workshops are undertaken by DPI or in partnership with other organisations. For more information, contact your local Fisheries Education Officer (details below) to discuss workshop opportunities. Note: Organisation will generally be responsible for providing transport to and from the location, and qualified carers where necessary.

Fishing workshops are supported using funds from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trust and DPI. This is your fishing licence at work!

Contact information

For more information about the Department's fishing workshops, contact the State Coordinator, Community Programs, on 02 6229 7712 or email

DPI workshops feedback

"Many of the students that I brought would never get the opportunity to learn about fish, fishing and conservation. As part of our outdoor educational program, it was a wonderful opportunity for our boys to develop knowledge and understanding about responsible fishing practices, fishing rules and regulations, fishing safety and fish anatomy. Our school cannot wait until next year, we would like to bring more! Once again, thanks."

Tracey, Canberra

"I'd like to thank you and all the people involved for the excellent workshop held at Tuross Head last Wednesday 15th April, 2015. I was informed of it through the local Tuross Head Fishing Club and its involvement with the Tuross Head Country Club. I am retired here and offered my grandchildren in Canberra the experience. 4 of them joined it enthusiastically. Aged from 9 to 14, 3 boys and 1 girl, all were delighted with their experiences. Not only did they learn sound basic skills but they remain keen to continue their fishing. The day was cleverly organised to teach the range of age groups and the fishing and safety gear they received served to cement their interest in fishing. What a great concept and adventure! Thanks."


"I just wanted to write to you to thank you for offering such a wonderful fishing program. Aaron had a wonderful day and came home reiterating all that he had learnt about fishing and its restrictions. He is now very keen to talk about his experience in an assessment task due next term. It is always a challenge as a parent to find engaging and educational activities during school holidays. I congratulate you and particularly the volunteers for providing such a memorable day. I will certainly be singing your praises."

Mary, Sydney

"As it's the last day of the school holidays I just wanted to tell what a great time fishing my boys have had these holidays. They have spent the best part of the holidays riding up and down river on their bikes to various fishing holes, fishing and swimming. All thanks to the workshop. They have become fishing obsessed and get up at 5.30, unheard of for most 14 yr olds!!, just to go fishing. Best of all they have caught some really big fish that they thrilled with. Cheers."

Michelle, Central West Tablelands

Who else runs fishing workshops in NSW?

DPI also supports the 'Hooked on Fishing' programs run by the Department of Sport & Recreation during school holiday periods at centres such as, Broken Bay and Myuna Bay. For more information contact the Department of Sport and Recreation on 13 13 02.

Fishing education programs are also run by some fishing clubs, councils and community education centres. To find the groups in your area, contact your local council and request a list of the local community organisations.