Go Fishing - Blowering Dam

Cover image of Blowering Dam Go Fishing guideBlowering Dam is situated in the lower reaches of the Snowy Mountains and Kosciusko National Park between the townships of
Talbingo and Tumut.

The location in which the dam is situated could be the reason as to why it is such a unique fishery. It sits at a low enough altitude
to home a strong population of native species, although it still sits high enough to receive the positives of cooler water temps and sparkling snow melt waters that are associated with the alpine trout dams. With such good numbers of natives along with the crystal clear snow melt waters that allow visibility of up to five metres, this dam is capable of producing outstanding sight fishing opportunities for Murray cod and other natives.

Blowering Dam is also known by the locals as “Lake Disappointment” due to the hours it can take to land a fish. In saying this, it’s a highly popular location because the results are well worth the effort. This dam is home to some of the largest Murray cod in the country and keen anglers travel long distances to try their luck on these trophy fish. The fish are extremely healthy with majority
of the resident cod being very fat for their length due to the abundance of food in the dam.

DPI research indicates that the dam’s cod fishery is heavily reliant on stocked fish recruitment, with very little natural fish recruitment.


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