Native game bird quotas

Each year, NSW DPI sets annual quotas for each native game bird (duck) species that may be harvested each year.

NSW DPI is required to use the best available scientific information on the estimated populations of native game birds across NSW. Analysis from aerial population surveys across the Riverina district are used in the quota determination.

The native game bird harvest period commences on approval of the quotas (usually from September) and expires on 31 August each year.

Annual quotas may include the ten native game bird species.

If quotas are not provided for a particular species, that species may not be hunted that year.

DPI does not currently conduct population surveys for native pigeon and quail species. As a result, these species cannot be hunted under the program.

Total licence allocations

Once the annual quotas are approved, NSW DPI can grant a NSW Native Game Bird Management (Owner/Occupier) Licence with a total allocation, covering the properties listed under the licence.

A total licence allocation is the number of a particular type of native game bird that may be harvested under the owner/occupier licence.

Licensed hunters are responsible for obtaining and recording the available total licence allocation of game birds remaining under an owner/occupier licence and to report their harvests to NSW DPI.

If a total licence allocation has not been issued for a particular species (even if there is a quota), they may not be hunted under that licence.