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Information for hunters

Access the digital Native Game Bird Hunter Diary to record property allocations and report harvests.
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Access instructions on how to use the digital Native Game Bird Hunter Diary on your mobile device.
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Download the Native Game Bird Hunter Kit ( PDF, 463.23 KB)

The NSW Native Game Bird Management Program allows licensed, ethical hunters to assist landholders to manage the impacts of native game birds on private agricultural lands.

How to get involved

To take part in the Native Game Bird Management Program, you must:

Endorsement is granted when a licence holder's WIT accreditation is verified and their licence 'updated'. Your endorsement will be applied sooner if you're able to include a copy of your WIT certificate with your update or new licence application. Where a copy of the certificate is not provided, endorsement may only be granted after verifying the WIT number with the Victorian Game Management Authority, which may take up to one working week.

When a licence holder is endorsed for the program, a new game hunting licence card is issued with 'GB' printed in the special conditions section on the rear of the card.

Existing licence holders

If you already hold a NSW General or Restricted Game Hunting Licence, you can seek endorsement for the program by emailing a copy of your Victorian Game Licence card, MyGL record or WIT certificate to hunting@dpi.nsw.gov.au. Ensure you include your NSW Game Hunting Licence number.

New licence applicants

You can apply for either a NSW General or Restricted Game Hunting Licence to qualify for the Native Game Bird Management Program.

There are extra training requirements for a Restricted licence as it provides for hunting on both private and public land. If you do not wish to access these public land hunting opportunities, simply apply for a General licence.

If you are paying by credit card, use the online licence application form for priority processing.

Your licence may be endorsed for the program at the time it's granted if you provide evidence of completing the WIT with your supporting documents.

Find landholders who need help

Before native game birds can be hunted in NSW, private lands must be covered by a Native Game Bird Management (Owner/Occupier) Licence and there must be a total allocation of game birds applied to the licence.

To find landholders who need help managing native game birds you can:

  • add your name to the Hunter Register
  • access the Landholder Register.

Both registers are available by logging into online licence holder services using your licence number and security PIN, then accessing the Native Game Bird Management Portal.

Hunter Register

You can list your name and contact information on the Hunter Register to let licensed landholders know you are seeking permission to hunt native game birds. Register your details using the online form available on the portal. Complete the online form to register your details for licensed landholders.

Landholder Register

Licensed landholders seeking hunters to help manage native game birds are invited to list their details on the Landholder Register. You can download the register from the portal.

If you're unable to login online, contact the Wildlife Management Support Team on gamebirds@dpi.nsw.gov.au or 02 6363 7650.

Landholders may add or remove their details voluntarily at any time and we cannot guarantee there will be entries on the register.

Hunting rules

Once endorsed for the program, you must comply with the special native game bird licence conditions, which are in addition to your standard licence conditions and other hunting legislation.

Permission to hunt

Before entering any lands to hunt native game birds, you must first obtain the landholder's permission to hunt.

When you receive permission to hunt from a landholder, you must ask for their Native Game Bird Management (Owner/Occupier) Licence number so you can find out the available total allocation of game birds available under their licence.

Also, make sure to ask the landholder about property boundaries, use of dogs and what to be aware of while hunting on their lands.

Native Game Bird Hunter Diary

The Native Game Bird Hunter Diary is an important part of monitoring and compliance for the Native Game Bird Management Program. It is a requirement that you use this diary each time you go native game bird hunting in NSW.

The diary allows you to record the total allocation of native game birds available under a landholder's licence before hunting, and to record the numbers of native game birds harvested after completing your hunt.

Record the total licence allocation before you hunt

Before you hunt under the program, you must obtain and record in your physical or digital hunter diary, the number and type of native game birds remaining for the Native Game Bird Management (Owner/Occupier) Licence total allocation. You must record this information no more than 48 hours before commencing your hunt.

  1. Use your game hunting licence number and security PIN to login to online licence holder services.
  2. Select the Native Game Bird Management Portal - Hunter.
  3. Enter the landholder's Native Game Bird Management (Owner/Occupier) number.
  4. Record the number and type of game bird total allocation in your hunter diary.

Record your native game bird harvests after completing your hunt

You must record the total number and type of native game birds harvested from each property in your physical or digital hunter diary before leaving that property on completion of your hunt.

Finalising your hunt

You must lodge a Native Game Bird Harvest Return with NSW DPI, recording the number and type of native game birds harvested under the Native Game Bird Management (Owner/Occupier) Licence, within 48 hours of completing your hunt.

To lodge your harvest return: