Information for hunters

The NSW Native Game Bird Management Program allows licensed hunters to assist landholders manage the impacts of native game birds on agricultural land.

Under NSW law, hunters wishing to hunt game species must hold a NSW Game Hunting Licence.

The use of retrieving dogs, callers and decoys and the utilisation of harvested ducks is permitted under the new system.

How to get involved

If you want to take part in the Native Game Bird Management Program, you need to meet these requirements:

When the Game Licensing Unit has verified that you are licensed and have successfully completed the WIT, we will send you the Native Game Bird Hunter Kit. The kit includes your Hunter Diary and all the information you need to know about the program, including the special conditions that apply to your licence when you hunt native game birds.

Native Game Bird Hunter Diary

The Native Game Bird Hunter Diary is an important part of monitoring and compliance for the Native Game Bird Management Program. The diary allows you to record the available quota for each property before hunting, and to record the numbers of native game birds harvested after hunting, before you report those numbers to DPI.

If you have received an interim licence, you need to download a copy of the Hunter Diary to meet the conditions of your native game bird endorsement while you wait for a hard copy in the mail.

Native Game Bird Hunter Diary - Information pages (PDF, 261.6 KB)

Native Game Bird Hunter Diary - Diary page (PDF, 93 KB)

The Hunter Register

Hunters may apply to have their contact information added to the Hunter register. This register releases the names and contact details of licensed hunters who are able to hunt during the week to landholders with a Native Game Bird Management (Owner/Occupier) Licence.

We ask what regions the hunter is able to travel to and what dates they are available. We do not accept registrations from hunters who are only available on weekends.

Hunters endorsed for the program may login to the native game bird portal through online services to complete the registration form.

The Landholder Register

Landholders holding a Native Game Bird Management Licence are able to list their details on the Native Game Bird Landholder Register if they want to be contacted by licensed hunters for assistance in managing native game birds on their property/s.

Hunters registered for the program are able to download the Landholder Register from the native game bird portal, part of online services, or contact the Native Game Bird Support Officer on 03 5874 2983 for verbal advice.

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