Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT)

The Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT) assesses your ability to identify game and non-game bird species in flight. You must pass the WIT before you are eligible to participate in the NSW Native Game Bird Management Program (the Program).

The Program allows licensed volunteer hunters to assist landholders to manage the impacts of native game birds on their agricultural lands.

Complete the WIT online


Please read carefully.

Completing the online WIT only qualifies you to hunt native game birds in NSW. If you complete the online WIT, you will not be eligible to hunt ducks in other states.

The online WIT is only available for individuals who reside in:

  • New South Wales (NSW)
  • Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Queensland (Qld).

You will not be certified, and you will not be refunded the test fee if you attempt the online WIT and you reside outside of the approved states.

Requesting a supervised test

If you wish to hunt ducks outside of NSW, you can request a supervised test by:

  • Contacting your local state game hunting authority – i.e., Victorian residents should contact the Game Management Authority (GMA) on 136 186.
  • NSW residents should contact DPI Hunting at gamebirds@dpi.nsw.gov.au


The cost of the online WIT is $50.00 AUD.

The fee is payable each time you register for a WIT and is not refundable if you fail to complete or do not pass the test.

All fees associated with attempting the online WIT are waived for primary producers in NSW if they hold a current Native Game Bird Management (Owner/Occupier) Licence. This includes members of their household and employees.

Landholders are encouraged to contact DPI Hunting by emailing gamebirds@dpi.nsw.gov.au for more information about completing the online WIT.

Preparing for the test

You should only attempt the online WIT once you have studied the educational material and are confident in your ability to distinguish between all game and non-game waterfowl species in flight.

There is a range of educational resources freely available that should be completed prior to attempting this test.

If you have not completed these steps, it is recommended you attempt this test at another time.

Candidates with language or learning difficulties are encouraged to contact DPI Hunting at gamebirds@dpi.nsw.gov.au for more information about completing the online WIT.

Registering to complete the test

The online WIT is available to complete through the Hunter Leap website.

You must provide your contact details, including a valid email address, and attach a current form of photo identification.

There are also several declaration questions to answer before completing the test.

Completing the test

  • The online WIT is a timed assessment in which you view a short video clip and answer a question related to the clip.
  • Each question is divided into two parts:
    • Part A: select the species of waterfowl shown in the clip from four options
    • Part B: select ‘game’ or ‘non-game
  • The test consists of 22 randomly selected multiple-choice questions.
  • Each correctly answered question is worth 3 marks.
  • You will not receive any marks if you only answer one part correctly.
  • Each question features a video of flying waterfowl.
  • You have 20 seconds to select an answer after each video has finished playing.

NSW-T Grade

A NSW-T grade is the highest grade you can achieve if you complete the online WIT. This grade is accepted in NSW only.

You will receive a NSW-T grade if you correctly answer at least one Freckled Duck question and obtained a minimum score of 50 points, even if you did not correctly identify all non-game sequences.

After the test

DPI Hunting will forward your test answers to the Game Management Authority Victoria (GMA) for official auditing and marking.

To retrieve your results, you must create a MyGL account through the GMA website.

Ensure you use the same email address provided on your NSW online WIT registration form when creating your MyGL account.

Allow at least 10 working days for your marks to be processed and made available on your MyGL account.

Applying for or updating your NSW Game Hunting Licence

If you already hold a NSW General or Restricted Game Hunting Licence and wish to take part in the Native Game Bird Management Program, you can 'update' your licence by emailing your WIT certification to hunting@dpi.nsw.gov.au.

New applicants can apply for either a NSW General or Restricted Game Hunting Licence and simply attach evidence of WIT accreditation.

Please allow 20 working days for new game hunting licence applications to be processed. You will receive an interim licence with your licence number and security PIN so you can access the Native game bird portal, part of online licence holder services. Interim licences are sent by email if you have provided a valid email address.

More information

For all WIT related enquiries, contact the DPI Hunting Wildlife Management Support team at gamebirds@dpi.nsw.gov.au.