Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT)

The Waterfowl Identification Test (WIT) assesses your ability to identify game and non-game bird species. Individuals must pass the WIT to qualify for the NSW Native Game Bird Management Program and hunt native game bird species.

The Victorian Game Management Authority (GMA), with help from NSW, South Australian and Tasmanian agencies, released an improved version of the WIT in 2014. GMA have accredited employees of the Game Licensing Unit to deliver the test in NSW.

What are the benefits of completing the WIT?

  • You'll be able to distinguish between game and non-game waterfowl species
  • You'll have one of the qualifications you need to hunt ducks in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.
  • If you also hold a NSW Game Hunting Licence, you can take part in the NSW Native Game Bird Management Program (each licence includes $20 million public liability insurance).
  • You can teach others about the importance of waterfowl identification.

Register to attempt the WIT

If you would like to attempt the WIT in NSW, you can register your interest with the Game Licensing Unit using Form GB-W: Expression of Interest - Waterfowl Identification Test (PDF, 49.97 KB).

WIT assessments are scheduled as minimum numbers from Expressions of Interest forms are met in different locations.

Victorian residents should contact the Game Management Authority on 136 186 or Field & Game Australia on 03 5799 0960.

When a course is scheduled near you

When a course is scheduled in the region that you expressed interest for, the Native Game Bird Support Team will contact you with more information. They will invite you to register for the event and send you a free copy of Duck WISE (Waterfowl Identification, Safety, Effective and Efficient Hunting), the education video that the test is based on.


An upfront $40 administration fee is payable to confirm your registration for the WIT. You will be asked to submit a registration form with payment details be included in the scheduled assessment.

This fee is not refundable if you fail to complete or do not pass the test. It is payable each time you register for a WIT course.

No fee for licensed landholders

The Native Game Bird Support Team will waive all normal fees associated with the WIT and a NSW Game Hunting Licence for landholders, members of their household and employees participating in the Native Game Bird Management Program (ie. those holding a current NGBM Licence).

  • We conduct WITs specifically for landholders, members of their household and their employees at various locations throughout the Riverina.
  • We can cater for your needs and schedule a WIT when it best suits you.
  • We can conduct tutorials on waterfowl identification to build confidence prior to you undertaking the official WIT accreditation.

Preparing for the test

The WIT will test you on your ability to identify game and non-game species which will be shown to you on a screen. The test is based on the first section of Duck WISE, an education video that will be sent to you by the Game Licensing Unit.


Duck WISE (Waterfowl Identification, Safety, Effective and efficient hunting) is also available to watch on the GMA website or their YouTube channel.

The video is in three sections:

  • Waterfowl Identification
  • Firearms Safety
  • Effective and efficient hunting (introduction to the Shotgunning Education Program).

You must study the waterfowl identification section as a minimum before attempting the WIT.

WIT practice test

A practice test is available on the GMA website. We recommend that you attempt this practice test before undertaking the actual assessment.

What to expect from the WIT test

Your WIT Supervisor

Your WIT accreditation will be conducted by a WIT Supervisor. WIT Supervisors are accredited by the Game Management Authority (GMA) Victoria to facilitate you through the WIT assessment process.

Illiterate or non-English speaking candidates should identify themselves to the WIT Supervisor before attempting the WIT accreditation.

Completing the test

  • The WIT consists of 22 multiple choice questions.
  • Before each question, you'll be shown a clip from Duck WISE showing waterfowl in flight.
  • The questions you are asked will relate to the footage shown - there will be plenty of time to select an answer after each question.
  • Pay special attention to any threatened non-game species that may appear in the test.
  • To pass the test you will need to get at least 75% of the marks obtainable. (ie. 50 out of 66).

After the test

  • Your WIT supervisor will collect your test answer sheets from you and may indicate whether you have been successful.
  • Answer sheets are sent to the Game Management Authority (GMA) in Victoria for official marking.
  • GMA sends out the official WIT certificates to those who have been successful and notifies those who have not been.

Download the Waterfowl Identification Test - what to expect (PDF, 50.63 KB).