Hunting licence insurance

NSW Game hunting licence holders are covered with public liability insurance when they hunt under standard licence conditions. The insurance covers bodily injury and/or property damage to third parties up to the value of $25 million.

Licence holders are covered by the policy while carrying out regulated hunting under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 and its Regulation 2012:

  • on private land - when hunting deer or game birds
  • on public land that is declared for hunting.

The insurance policy does not cover professional hunting, commercial hunting or hunting for reward (guided hunting). However, if a professional, commercial or guide licence holder is hunting recreationally, without compensation, their activities are insured. It's important for these licence holders to keep records that distinguish between their professional and private hunting activity for insurance purposes.

Hunting Licence Insurance - Certificate of Currency (PDF, 473.72 KB)

Summary of coverage (PDF, 354.51 KB)

Frequently asked questions about insurance

What insurance coverage is included with my NSW game hunting licence?

Every standard General and Restricted game hunting licence has a public liability insurance component.

You are covered for liabilities up to $25 million when you are hunting in NSW under the standard conditions of your licence.

Do I need to pay any excess if I make a claim?

Yes. An excess fee of $1,000 is payable with each claim on the insurance attached to your licence.

I'm a G-Licence holder; if I'm hunting pigs on private property, am I covered by insurance if I accidentally damage the landowners property?

No. As you are not required to hold a licence to hunt pigs on private land, the insurance coverage does not apply. Under the Game and Feral Animal Control Act 2002 a G-Licence is only required for hunting deer and game birds on private land.

I'm a landowner. Why should I choose a licensed hunter over an unlicensed hunter?

Hunters who hold a standard NSW game hunting licence are covered for $25 million public liability.

Choosing a licensed hunter ensures you are protected while deer and/or game bird hunting occurs on your land.

I'm a NSW game hunting licence holder; I hunt with bows and don't have a firearms licence. Does the insurance apply to me?

Yes. The insurance attached to standard NSW game hunting licences covers hunting using firearms, blackpowder firearms, bows and dogs.

I hunt ducks under the Native Game Bird Management Program; am I covered by the liability insurance?

Yes. Hunting ducks on private land is covered by the liability insurance as your NSW game hunting licence is a prerequisite for participation in the Native Game Bird Management Program.

I hunt wild deer professionally on private land, but also privately on other properties. Am I covered by insurance?

Hunting professionally - no, you are not covered by the public liability insurance. You are responsible for your own insurance to cover these activities.

Hunting privately - yes, however you must be able to prove to the insurer that you were not hunting professionally.


This webpage contains general information and does not take into account your individual objectives, financial situation or needs. For full details of the terms, conditions and limitations of the cover, refer to the specific policy wordings and/or Product Disclosure Statements available from Marsh on request. Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd (ABN 31 081 358 303, AFSL 238369) arranges the insurance and is not the insurer. The insurer is Syndicate 3334 at Lloyd's of London (Sportscover) represented in Australia by Sportscover Australia Pty Ltd (ABN 43 006 637 903, AFSL 230914).