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You can apply for a new game hunting licence or renew an existing licence using our online services. You can read more about applying or renewing online or use the links below to get started.

If you want to apply for a licence type that is Restricted, it is important to read about how to become accredited and qualify for the licence before you apply.

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All overseas visitors wanting to hunt game and feral animals in NSW must hold a NSW Visitors game hunting licence.

A Restricted (Visitor's) Game Hunting Licence allows you to hunt on public land or private land, provided you are in the company of a licensed individual or guide and you have permission to hunt from the landowner. Before you can apply for a Restricted class licence, you must complete training and be a member of a hunting club that is approved by DPI.

If you will only be hunting on private land in NSW, you can apply for a General (Visitor's) Game Hunting Licence.

Use the links above to apply for a NSW Restricted Visitor's Licence. If you can't apply online, use the application form below.

NSW Restricted (Visitor's) Game Hunting Licence - application form (PDF, 128.08 KB)

NSW Game Hunting Licence - licence replacement form (PDF, 98.4 KB)

Note: you must download and submit a .PDF form to request a replacement licence.


There are two requirements that must be met before you can apply for an R-licence. Applicants must:

Approved Hunting Organisations

Before qualifying for an R-licence, you must become a member of an Approved Hunting Organisation (AHO). You must also maintain your membership for your R-licence to remain valid. There are close to 200 AHOs registered in NSW, check the AHO Directory to find one near you.

You will be asked to provide proof of your membership when you send in your application paperwork.

Visitors must be accompanied

While on a hunt, all holders of a Visitor's licence must also be accompanied at all times by a holder of a full NSW game hunting licence.

Persons who can accompany an overseas hunter are:

  • a Restricted game hunting licence (R-Licence) holder
  • a General game hunting licence (G-Licence) holder
  • a Restricted Guide game hunting licence (R-Guide) holder
  • a General guide game hunting licence (G-Guide) holder.

The Visitors licence only allows the holder the same authority of the accompanying licence-holders type, for example:

  • to hunt game animals on declared public land the visitor must hold an R-Visitor's licence and hunt with an R-Licence holder or R-Guide licence holder
  • to hunt game animals on private land the visitor must hold either an R-Visitor's or G-Visitor's licence and hunt with a licence holder as stated above, or with a G-Licence or G-Guide licence holder.

Hunting guides

All persons who act as hunting guides (for fee or reward) in NSW must hold a Guide Game Hunting Licence. Visitors are encouraged to request the licence details of any guide before engaging their guiding services.

Permits for using firearms in NSW

In addition to obtaining a Visitors game hunting licence, overseas visitors who want to use a firearm to hunt game animals in NSW must first obtain an Overseas Visitors Safari Tour/Hunting Permit from the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry.

Overseas visitors must hunt in a specified organised safari conducted by the holder of a Safari Tour Permit issued by the Firearms Registry, or in hunting activities organised by a hunting club approved by the Firearms Registry. This requirement is in addition to obtaining the NSW Visitors game hunting licence.

The Visitors licence does not supersede, override, or preclude the holder from the requirements of other hunting, firearm, safety, and animal welfare laws and regulations currently in place in NSW.


Once you have become a member of an AHO and completed the accreditation requirements you need to apply to the NSW Department of Primary Industries. Use the links at the top of the page to either apply online or submit an application form (PDF, 128.08 KB).

Your application must contain:

Applications not containing all the required information will be returned to the applicant.

Don't forget to contact the NSW Police Force Firearms Registry before applying for the Visitors licence.


The NSW Visitors game hunting licence is available for A$125 per year and is valid for one year only.

A reduced fee is charged for minor's who can prove that they are under 18 years of age. Supporting evidence must be supplied with your application. Read the Granting a licence page for more information on qualifying for the concession rate.


$25 million public liability insurance is attached to every R-Visitors licence.