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You can apply for a new game hunting licence or renew an existing licence using our online licensing services. You can read more about applying or renewing online or use the links below to get started.

If you want to apply for a licence type that is Restricted, it is important to read about how to become accredited and qualify for the licence before you apply.

A technical issue is currently preventing applicants using an iOS device (iPhone, iPad, Mac) from attaching supporting documents to an application. You can still lodge an online application using a non-iOS device or computer.

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The General licence (G-licence) allows you to hunt deer and other game animals on private property in NSW.

You must have the permission of the private landowner in addition to a G-licence.

The G-licence does not allow you to hunt on declared public hunting land. To hunt on public land in NSW you need a Restricted licence (R-licence).

You don't need a licence if you are hunting feral animals on private land, you just need the permission of the landowner.

If you are paying by credit card, use the links above to apply or renew online. If you are paying by cheque or money order, use the application forms below.

NSW General Game Hunting Licence - application/renewal form (PDF, 91.2 KB)

NSW Game Hunting Licence - licence replacement form (PDF, 104.41 KB)


Use the links at the top of the page to either apply online or submit an application form (PDF, 91.2 KB).


Licence term Full rate Concession rate
1 year $75 $50
2 years $145 $97
3 years $210 $140
4 years $270 $180
5 years $325 $217

A concession rate is available for minors (under 18 years) and pensioners (holding an appropriate card).


$25 million public liability insurance is attached to every standard G-licence.