Expressions of Interest (EOI) process for apiary sites on public land

To keep beehives (an apiary) on public land in NSW you must hold a permit or license to do so from the government agency that manages the land.  Following the new policy framework for apiary sites on public land, the process for allocation of new apiary sites or recently vacated apiary sites now follows an expressions of interest (EOI) process.  This process was developed following extensive consultation with industry. (A summary of feedback received is available in this Consultation Report (PDF, 631.94 KB)

EOI releases will be held periodically to allow applications for sites that have become available.  Details of each release will be published on this page. Sites will be published online for a period of 1 month during which sites and can reviewed and EOI applications submitted.  Further detail of the EOI process is listed below.

Expected Publication Date

Site Location(s)

Approximate number of sites

Link to review sites and apply.

02 August 2023 to 1 September 2023

NSW National Parks, Local Land Services and Forestry Corporation site across NSW


Apply via the BPASS site.  To register and access BPASS follow the steps on the BPASS How To page.

Limited Priority for Varroa Affected Apiarists

Movement restrictions applied to reduce the spread of Varroa Mites have impacted some apiarists ability to access and use their public apiary sites.

To help support impacted beekeepers limited priority will be given to impacted apiarists during the allocation of sites in EOIs.

  1. Priority will apply to apiarists who had public apiary sites in Purple or Red zones up to the amount of public sites that were directly affected.
  2. Applications will be submitted as per existing process but the allocation of each site will give priority to impacted apiarists.
  3. Permits will be for an initial period of 2 years OR until movement restrictions are lifted, whichever is latest.
  4. Once the permit has expired sites will not be renewed and the sites will go into an EOI again.

EOI’s will be open to all apiarists to apply for. Impacted apiarists should apply for sites as per the existing EOI process. As multiple affected apiarists may apply for a site there is no guarantee any specific apiarist will be successful for a specific site.

The application process

The following infographics explains the planned high level application and assessment processes.

EOI Assessment Process

Flowchart of EOI assessment process

For any further information contact the DPI Apiary Sites helpdesk at