Activity restrictions

Domesticated animals

Domesticated animals are not allowed on beaches and rock platforms directly seaward of land reserved under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974. Dogs are not allowed on beaches or rock platforms that abut Eurobodalla Shire Council - declared "No Dog Zones".

Domesticated animals will be permitted within any marine park zone if they are assisting a disabled person, are a police dog, remain confined to a vessel or vehicle, or if the owner has a marine parks permit.

Motorised vehicles

Vehicles are only permitted on beaches in Batemans Marine Park for launching and retrieving vessels from designated boat launching facilities or other beaches, subject to local government and National Parks and Wildlife Service requirements.

Anchoring and mooring

A marine park permit is required to install or relocate a mooring in Batemans Marine Park.

Anchoring is permitted in all zones except on seagrass beds in sanctuary zones. Vessel operators must ensure that no part of the anchor, chain, rope or vessel makes contact with a seagrass bed in sanctuary zones.


Collecting marine plants and animals in the marine park is subject to the following regulations.

Bait collection is allowed in general use zones and most habitat protection zones. Cunjevoi may be collected in general use zones.

You can hand collect sea lettuce and bait weed (Ulva species) in habitat protection and general use zones for recreational purposes.

Collecting fish and plants for aquariums is allowed in general use zones and habitat protection zones with a marine parks permit.

Collecting shells and shell grit is prohibited in national parks, nature reserves and Aboriginal areas. Unoccupied shells and shell grit may be collected in other habitat protection and general use zones for non-commercial purposes. Collecting more than 10kg per person per day requires a permit.

Collecting seaweed from beaches is permitted within habitat protection zones and general use zones. Collecting more than 20 litres per person per day requires a permit.

Collecting is not allowed in sanctuary zones, which provide the highest level of protection to biodiversity and natural and cultural features.

Artificial reefs

Please see the policy on Artificial reefs and fish attracting devices in NSW Marine Parks for more information.

Other management actions