Batemans Marine Park zones

The zones in Batemans Marine Park aim to conserve marine biodiversity while providing for a range of uses including beach activities, swimming, surfing, charter and recreational fishing, commercial fishing, scuba diving, sailing, boating and research.

The marine park Zoning Map, User Guide and the FishSmart NSW app provide information about the zoning arrangements and management rules in the park.

Map of Batemans Marine Park

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Amnesty on recreational fishing

The NSW Government announced its decision on the recreational fishing amnesty in NSW Marine Parks, based on the Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel's advice and further consideration of social values and use conflicts at some sites.

In Batemans Marine Park, the NSW Government proposes to rezone the shoreline (to 100 m offshore) at the following four sites from sanctuary zone to habitat protection zone to allow shore-based recreational line fishing:

1.North Head
2.Congo Point South Beach and Mullimburra Point to Bingie Beach
3.Brou Beach
4.Bullengella Beach and Bogola Head Beach to Loader Beach.

The amnesty on shore-based recreational line fishing at these four sites will continue until the rezoning process is finalised.

The amnesty has now ceased at the following three sites and enforcement of sanctuary zone rules has recommenced:

1.Guerilla Bay Beach (Burrewarra North)
2.Burrewarra Point to Long Nose Point (Burrewarra South)
3.Broulee Island.

The amnesty did not apply at Burrewarra Point itself, and the sanctuary zone at this site also remains in place.

All forms of fishing are prohibited in sanctuary zones and significant penalties apply including on-the-spot fines of up to $500.

For more information, please visit the NSW Marine Estate website or contact the Batemans Marine Park office.

Types of zones

Sanctuary zone Provide the highest level of protection for biodiversity and natural and cultural features Activities that do not involve harming any animal, plant or habitat, including many recreational activities, such as boating, surfing, snorkelling, diving and permitted research and educational activities
Habitat Protection zone Protect physical and biological habitats by reducing high impact activities.

Recreational and commercial activities (including recreational fishing and some forms of commercial fishing), scientific research, educational activities and other activities

Species taken from Habitat Protection zones.
General Use zone Provide for a wide range of environmentally sustainable activities Recreational and commercial activities (including recreational and commercial fishing), scientific research and educational activities
Special Protection zone Provide for sites requiring special management arrangements including protection of Aboriginal and other cultural features or for marine facilities, or for specific park management reasons. Traditional Aboriginal use, aquaculture, marinas and research facilities

Species that can be taken from Habitat Protection zones

Common name Class or FamilySpecies
Finfish (fish with fins and scales) Class Osteichthyes All species
Gummy shark and school shark Family Triakidae Mustelus antarcticus and Galeorhinus galeus
Southern and eastern rock lobsters Family Palinuridae Jasus verreauxi, Jasus edwardsii
Prawn Family Penaeidae All species
Octopus Family Octopodidae All species
Arrow squid, southern calamari Family Loliginidae Nototodarus gouldi, Septoteuthis australis
Squid, Cuttlefish Family Spirulidae, Sepiidae and Sepiadariidae All species
Beach worms Family Onuphidae All species
Blood worms Family Opheliidae Armandia spp.
Ghost shrimp, marine yabby (nippers) Family Callianassidae Callianassa spp.
Mud crab Family Portunidae Scylla serrata 
Blue swimmer crab

Family Portunidae

Portunus pelagicus
Rock crab Family Grapsidae All species
Oyster Family Ostreidae Saccostrea spp., Crassostrea spp. and Ostrea angasi
Pipi Family Donacidae All species
Sydney Cockle Family Arcidae Anadara trapezia
Clam Family Veneridae All species
Blue mussels Family Mytilidae Mytelis planulatus
Scallops Family Pectinidae Pecten fumatus, Chlamys asperrimus
Sea urchin Class Echinoidea

Centrostephanus rodgersii,

Heliocidaris erythrogramma
Turban shell (Googoombull) Family Turbinidae Turbo spp.
Abalone Family Haliotidae Haliotis rubra
Periwinkle Family Trochidae Austrocochlea spp.

Other management options