Commercial fishing

Many forms of commercial fishing are permitted in specified marine park zones.  NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) regulates the industries, including:

  • estuary general fishery
  • lobster fishery
  • abalone fishery
  • ocean hauling fishery
  • ocean trap and line fishery

The marine park zoning also places additional conditions on commercial fishing:

  • No trawling in the park
  • No mesh netting in the Clyde River
  • Beach haul netting is allowed in general use zones and at the following beaches within habitat protection zones:
    • Maloneys Beach
    • Long Beach
    • Wimbie Beach
    • Rosedale Beach
    • Barlings Beach
    • Shark Bay Beach
    • beaches between Merringo Lake and Mullimburra Point
    • Tuross Beach
  • Purse seining, lift netting, set lining and estuary mesh netting are restricted to general use zones
  • Garfish netting is permitted in general use and habitat protection zones but not in estuaries
  • Trapping, turban and urchin fishery and abalone fishery are permitted in general use and habitat protection zones.

Vessels travelling through sanctuary zones

Fishers may transit through any sanctuary zone with:

  • Fishing rods 'fully rigged', provided no part of the line is immersed in the water and no hook is baited
  • Nets provided no part of the net is in the water

Other management actions