Permits and approvals

A variety of activities require a marine park permit, including:

  • commercial activities– including tourist operations but not commercial fishing;
  • collecting for aquariums;
  • competitions including fishing and spearfishing;
  • hovercraft, airboats and seaplanes;
  • organised events including sporting or other activities;
  • research;
  • aquaculture;
  • collecting for scientific or educational purposes.

Obtain a permit

Marine parks permit application form (PDF, 109.1 KB)

Permit standard conditions (PDF, 57.22 KB)

Marine parks permit policy

If you are interested in an activity requiring a permit, download and print an application form and email/post your completed form to the Batemans Marine Park.

Development approvals

Proposals for development within or adjacent to the marine park must be assessed under marine estate and planning legislation, and a marine park permit may be required. Contact the marine park for more information.

Other management actions