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Marine Estate Agent Passport

Solitary Islands Marine Estate Agent Passport (PDF, 2060.01 KB)

Please contact us to request a hard copy of the Marine Estate Agents Passport or for support materials, including the Solitary Islands Marine Park Marine Estate Agents Teacher Resource Guide.

School Education Kit

School Group Arrawarra

The Solitary Islands Marine Parks Education Kit covers the topics: marine parks and conservation; rocky shores; estuaries; and cultural heritage.

These comprehensive modules are designed to fit the NSW Department of Education and Communities primary school curriculum, and with its fact sheets, identification guides, risk assessments and activity plans, the kit can be used to complement teaching programs.

Introduction (PDF, 1282.49 KB)

Module 1: Marine Parks (PDF, 2370.07 KB)
Stage 1 Video - titled (WMV, 1830.94 KB)
Stage 1 Video - non-titled (WMV, 1784.09 KB)
Stage 2 PowerPoint  (PPT, 2150.5 KB)
Stage 3 Zoning map (PDF, 1928.17 KB)

Module 2: Rocky Shores (PDF, 4083.13 KB)
Stage 1 PowerPoint (PPT, 3920.5 KB)

Module 3: Estuaries (PDF, 2608.22 KB)

Module 4: Sea Country (PDF, 2749.34 KB)

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