Diagnostic tests

Bee diseases are investigated at the State Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory.

Diagnostic tests are available for:

  • American foulbrood
  • European foulbrood
  • Chalkbrood
  • Nosema disease
  • Small hive beetle

Specimens of any unusual brood or adult bee conditions as well as any parasitic mites can also be submitted for examination.

Specimens should be submitted as described in: Samples for bee disease diagnosis.

Insect and arthropod (mites) specimens from bees/beehives should be submitted as described in Insect and invertebrate samples.

Specimens must be accompanied by a completed specimen advise form. Further information can be found on the sample submission page.

The suspected presence of any exotic pests or diseases should be reported to NSW DPI immediately on the Exotic Diseases Hotline - 1800 675 888.