Veterinary Test List


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The test list provides a price guide for commonly requested tests. Additional tests are available upon request. For advice on specialised tests contact Customer Service. To obtain a quote, please fill in our online Quotation Request Form.

Additional laboratory service charges also apply for non-approved after hours submissions, return of eskies and on-forwarding of freight to external laboratories.

Prices will be reviewed annually based on cost changes; however NSW DPI reserves the right to modify prices at any time.

Click on the test name for further details on turnaround times and sample requirements.

Test list by Species

Commonly requested test can be found below in the Species test list

Test list A - Z

Commonly requested test can be found below in the A - Z test list

* Denotes analyses not covered by the NATA scope of accreditation.


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
A2_PCRA2 milk protein - Dairy breeds $33.23
ABVH1_PCRAbalone Viral Ganglioneuritis – Real–time PCR* $88.83
VariousAbortion investigationPOA
APP_APX Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae ELISA* $21.01
A_SEM_NIP Actinobacillus seminis – Selective culture $68.02
AINO_PCR Aino Virus Real–time PCR $88.83
AER_CLT Aerobic culture $37.82
AER_CLT_ID Aerobic bacteria – Routine identification culture $53.05
AINO_VN Aino VNT $45.65
AKA_ABELAkabane Virus Antibody ELISA$12.87
AKA_PCRAkabane Virus Real–time PCR$88.83
AKA_VNAkabane VNT $45.65
AMGR_PCRalpha-Mannosidosis - Angus$30.21
AMAMR_PCRalpha-Mannosidosis - Galloway$30.21
BEE_MICAmerican foulbrood (AFB) and European foulbrood (EFB) – microscopy$28.37
PA_LAR_CLTAmerican foulbrood (AFB) Paenibacillus honey/bee culture$40.70
PA_LAR_CLTAmerican foulbrood (AFB) Paenibacillus honey/bee culture >10 samples (single submission with one report)$36.30
ANAER_CLT Anaerobic bacteria – Selective culture $68.02
BA_ANT_PCRAnthrax PCR$91.93
BA_ANT_SSAnthrax - microscopy$28.37
SEN_N_GEN Antibiotic Sensitivity - Gram Negative Organisms - General 
SEN_N_MASTAntibiotic Sensitivity - Gram Negative Organisms - Mastitis
SEN_P_GENAntibiotic Sensitivity - Gram Positive Organisms - General
SEN_P_MASTAntibiotic Sensitivity - Gram Positive Organisms - Mastitis
SEN_SPECTAntibiotic Sensitivity Culture
ABLVIN_PCRAustralian Bat Lyssavirus (insectivorous) Real–time PCR* $88.83
ABLVPT_PCRAustralian Bat Lyssavirus (pteropid) Real–time PCR* $88.83
AI_ABELAvian Influenza Antibody ELISA$12.87
FLU_MATRAvian Influenza A matrix Real-time PCR$88.83
AI_H5_HIAvian Influenza Virus (subtype H5) Antibody HI Test$8.77
AI_H7_HIAvian Influenza Virus (subtype H7) Antibody HI Test$8.77
AVC_VI Avian Virus Isolation – in Cell Culture (3 passes) $144.25
AVE3_VI Avian Virus Isolation –in SPF Embryos (3 passes) $367.72
NDV_VI Avian Virus Isolation – Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) $367.72


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
BABBG_QPCRBabesia bigemina qPCR$73.53
BABO_QPCRBabesia bovis qPCR$73.53
BMSR_PCRbeta-Mannosidosis - Salers$30.21
PCV Biochemical Analyte – Packed Cell Volume (1st assay) $14.18
URINE_EXAM Biochemical Analyte – Urine Examination (1st assay) $14.18
TOXICALGAEBlue-green algae – microscopic examination $POA
BLU_AGIDBluetongue Virus Antibody AGID$20.96
BLU_ABELBluetongue Virus Antibody ELISA$12.87
BLU_VIBluetongue Virus Isolation POA
BLU_PCRBluetongue Virus Real–time PCR$88.83
N/ABorder Disease Virus (BDV) testing (see Pestivirus for pricing)N/A
BOR_SP_PCR Bordetella sp. PCR*$91.93
BEF_ABELBovine Ephemeral Fever Virus (BEF) Antibody ELISA$12.87
BEF_RTPCRBovine Ephemeral Fever Virus (BEF) Real–time PCR$88.83
BEF_VNBovine Ephemeral Fever (BEF) VNT$45.65
BLADR_PCRBovine Leucocyte Adhesion Deficiency - Holstein Friesian$30.21
BRSV_RTPCRBovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus Real Time PCR$88.83
N/ABovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (BVDV) testing (see Pestivirus for pricing)N/A
B_HYO_PCRBrachyspira hyodysenteriae PCR*$91.94
B_HYO_PCRBrachyspira pilosicoli PCR*$91.94
BR_ABO_CFBrucella abortus CFT$13.66
B_AB_CF_IUBrucella abortus CFT (in International Units)$13.66
BR_ABO_ABEBrucella abortus ELISA$17.86
BR_ABO_RBPBrucella abortus RBT (Rose Bengal)$6.56
BR_ABO_SABrucella abortus SAT$12.61
BR_AB_SA_15Brucella abortus SAT (<15 International Units)$12.61
B_AB_SA_EXBrucella abortus SAT (Export)$12.61
BR_OVI_CFBrucella ovis CFT$9.45
B_OVIS_CLTBrucella ovis – Selective culture$68.02
B_OVIS_PCRBrucella ovis PCR$91.93
BRU_RAMCLTBrucella ovis – Ram – culture and serology$150.76
BRUCE_CLT Brucella spp – Selective culture $68.02
BUNG_PCR Bungowannah Virus Real–time PCR $88.83
BUNG_VN Bungowannah VNT*$45.65


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
CE_K99 Calf Enteric Test Strip - E. coli (K99)*$44.91
CE_CRYPTOCalf Enteric Test Strip - Cryptosporidium parvum*$44.91
CE_ROTACalf Enteric Test Strip - Rotavirus species A*$44.91
Various Calf Enteric Test Strip - 2 of the above pathogens*$68.02
CE_K99_R_C Calf Enteric Test Strip - all 3 of the above pathogens*$90.89
CAMP_ABELCampylobacter ELISA$21.79
CAMP_CLTCampylobacter spp. culture$53.05
CAMP_NIPCampylobacter fetus subsp. venerealis culture$53.05
CAE_ABELCAE Virus Antibody ELISA$12.87
CAEMV_ABELCAE Virus/Maedi-Visna Virus Antibody ELISA$12.87
CAE_RTPCRCaprine Arthritis Encephalitis Virus PCR$88.83
BEE_MICChalkbrood - microscopy$28.37
CHSRW_PCRChediak Higachi Syndrome - Wagyu* $30.21
CHLAM_CFChlamydia CFT$16.82
CHLAM_FAChlamydia Fluorescent Antibody Test$73.96
C_PSIT_RTChlamydia psittaci PCR (Real-time PCR)* $91.93
CHLAM_PCRCChlamydia spp PCR (Conventional PCR)*


CHLAMY_PCRChlamydophila Real-time PCR* $122.92
CITR_PCRCitrullinaemia - Holstein Friesian$30.21
C16RW_PCRClaudin 16 - Wagyu* $30.21
CL_ID_CIEP Clostridium perfringens Toxin Assay (CIEP) $78.79
CL_PER_MICClostridium sp. - microscopy$28.37
CCDBR_PCRCoat Colour - Dominant Black* $30.21
CCRRR_PCRCoat Colour - Recessive Red$30.21
CMSR_PCRCongenital Myastenic Syndrome (CMS) - Brahman$30.21
CORONA_PCRBovine Coronavirus Real-time PCR* $88.83
HIST_HE1Cysticercus bovis (histopathology)$70.40
N/A Cytology Examination* $60.67


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
EDS_HIEgg Drop Syndrome Virus HI Test* $8.77
E_CAN_ABEE.canis IgG ELISA$22.00
ECAN_QPCRE.canis qPCR$91.93
EM_IMMUNO Electron Microscopy – Immunoelectron Microscopy $148.35
EM_NSTAIN Electron Microscopy – Negative Stain $148.35
EM_SECT_ID Electron Microscopy – Section and Identification $286.71
EMC_VNEncephalomyocarditis VNT$45.65
EMC_RTPCREncephalomyocarditis Virus Real Time PCR*$88.83
EBL_AGIDEnzootic Bovine Leucosis Virus antibody AGID$20.96
EBL_ABELEnzootic Bovine Leucosis Virus ELISA (milk or serum)$21.28
EBL_POOL Enzootic Bovine Leucosis Virus sample pooling (50 samples or part thereof) $48.38
EHD_PCREpizootic Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (EHDV) Real–time PCR $88.83
EHD_AGIDEpizootic Haemorrhagic Disease Virus Antibody AGID $20.96
EHV1_PCREquine Herpes Virus 1 Real–time PCR$88.83
EHV4_PCREquine Herpes Virus 4 Real–time PCR$88.83
EHV1_VNTEquine Herpes Virus Type 1 VNT$45.65
FLU_MATPCREquine Influenza A matrix Real-time PCR$88.83
EI_HIEquine Influenza Virus Antibody HI Test$8.77
EI_ABELEquine Influenza ELISA$12.87
EIA_AGIDEquine Infectious Anaemia Virus Antibody AGID$20.96
EVA_VIEquine Arteritis Virus Isolation $144.25
EVA_VNEquine Viral Arteritis VNT$45.67
EVA_RT_PCREquine Arteritis Real–time PCR$88.83
E_RHUS_PCRErysipelothrix rhusiopathiae PCR* $91.93
ERY_SP_PCRErysipelothrix sp. PCR* $91.93
ERYSIP_CLTErysipelothrix sp. – Selective culture$68.02
ECOLI_SERO E.coli – serotyping (outsourced)POA
BEE_MICEuropean foulbrood (EFB) and American foulbrood (AFB) – microscopy$28.37
VariousExport testingPOA


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
FXIR_PCRFactor XI Deficiency - Holstein Friesian$30.21
F11DRW_PCRFactor XI Deficiency - Wagyu*$30.21
F13DRW_PCRFactor XIII Deficiency - Wagyu*$30.21
VariousFaecal Egg Count$17.33
VariousFaecal Egg Count (2 pools of up to 10 samples)$40.45
VariousFaecal Egg Count (Up to 10 individual samples)$64.35
FECRT_CALCFaecal Egg Count Reduction Test - Drench Test -  4 groups (with Culture)$346.18
FECRT_CALCFaecal Egg Count Reduction Test - Drench Test - additional single group (with Culture)$90.35
FISH_CL_ID Fish bacteria culture identification$53.05
FISH_CULT Fish bacteria culture* $68.02
FEC_FLUKEFluke (Liver/Stomach Fluke) Egg Count$34.41
WT_FLUKE_2Fluke (Liver/Stomach) Egg Count (2 pools)$58.31
WT_FLUKE_5Fluke (Liver/Stomach) Egg Count (5 pools)$100.34
FEC_FLU_WA Fluke (Liver/Stomach) Egg Count (inter-state movement)$56.73
DI_NOD_CLTFootrot Culture (> 5 swabs)* - per swab$68.77
DI_NOD_CLTFootrot Culture (1-4 swabs)* - per swab$121.87
DI_NOD_PCRFootrot IntA PCR per isolate* $91.93
FAV_VN Fowl Adenovirus VNT $126.92

Freemartinism - Male specific

-DNA extraction fee also applies

FUNG_ID Fungi – Culture identification* $53.05
FUNG_CLT Fungi – Selective culture $68.02


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
VariousGenetic conditions$30.21
GRAM_MICGram stain examination$28.37


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
H_PARA_PCR Haemophilus parasuis PCR*$91.93
HELICO_PCR Helicobacter PCR $91.93
HEND_RTPCRHendra Virus Real–time PCR$88.83
HTJ_PCR_CHigh throughput Johne's (HTJ) PCR (1-9 samples/ 93+ samples)POA
HTJ_PCR_CHigh throughput Johne's (HTJ) PCR (10-28 samples)$89.27
HTJ_PCR_CHigh throughput Johne's (HTJ) PCR (29-60 samples)$75.13
HTJ_PCR_CHigh throughput Johne's (HTJ) PCR (61-92 samples)$50.84
HTJPFHigh throughput Johne's (HTJ) pooling fee (per pool)$51.94
HIST_HE1Histopathology – Preparation & Examination$70.40
HIST_HE_PRHistopathology – Process & Stain Contract (Cassetted)$18.91
VariousHistopathology – Special Stain$44.91
H_SOMN_PCR Histophilus somni PCR $91.93
H_SOM_NIP Histophilus somni – Selective culture$68.02
HYPPR_PCRHyperkalemic periodic paralysis - Quarter horses$30.21


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
IGG_AGID Immunoglobulin G (Bovine) AGID $20.96
IGG_AGID_P Immunoglobulin G (Porcine) AGID* $20.96
IBR_ABELInfectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis ELISA$18.07
IBR_RT_PCRInfectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Real–time PCR$88.83
IBR3_VIInfectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis Virus Isolation (3 passes)$144.25
IBR_VNInfectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis VNT $45.65
ILT_PCRInfectious Laryngotracheitis Virus Real–time PCR* $88.83
AI_AGID Influenza A Antibody AGID $20.96
FLU_MATPCR Influenza A matrix Real–time PCR $88.83
AI_ABEL Influenza Antibody ELISA $12.87
ICMR_PCRInherited Congenital Myoclonus - Poll Hereford$30.21


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
N/AKunjin Virus testing (see West Nile Virus) N/A


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
WT_LAR_DIF Larval Differentiation - Worm typing $23.11
LFSR_PCRLavender Foal Syndrome - Arabian horses$30.21
L_INT_PCRLawsonia intracellularis PCR*$91.94
VariousLeptospira MAT (each serovar)$14.22
LEPTO_PCRLeptospira sp. Real–time PCR* $91.93
L_IVAN_PCRListeria ivanovii PCR* $91.93
L_MONO_PCRListeria monocytogenes PCR* $91.93
SEN_L_ZOO Listeria spp. – Antibiotic Sensitivity Culture $20.22
FASC_AGELLiver Fluke Antigen ELISA - Faeces$24.06
FASC_EL_BLLiver Fluke ELISA – Blood$24.69
FASC_EL_PLLiver Fluke ELISA – Blood (pool of 5)$32.83
FASC_EL_MKLiver Fluke ELISA – Bulk Milk* $42.28
F_LUNGWORMLungworm Test (Baermann)$55.17


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
MCFV_RTPCRMalignant Catarrhal Fever Virus Real–time PCR$88.83
MSUDRH_PCRMaple Syrup Urine Disease - Poll Hereford$30.21
MSUDRS_PCRMaple Syrup Urine Disease - Shorthorn$30.21
SEN_S_MASTMastitis Antiobiotic Sensitivity Culture$20.22
MILK_CLTMastitis culture$28.89
MILK_CL_IDMastitis Identification culture$49.38
MEN_VNMenangle VNT$45.65
Various Microscopy Smear – Prepare and examine $28.37
MPBLR_PCRMilk protein beta-Lactoglobulin - Dairy breeds$30.21
MPKCR_PCRMilk protein kappa-Casein - Dairy breeds$30.21
MUL_OV_PCR Multiplex PCR Assay – B ovis; A seminis; H somni*$91.93
MUL_PH_PCR Multiplex PCR Assay – P multocida; H somni*$91.93
MUL_SP_PCR Multiplex PCR Assay – S suis; P multocida*$91.93
MVE_PCR Murray Valley Encephalitis qRT – Real–timePCR*$88.83
MVE_ABEL Murray Valley Encephalitis Virus Antibody ELISA*$12.87
MYCO_DIRMycoplasma – Direct culture (Diagnostic samples only)$55.66
MYCO_INDIRMycoplasma 35 day culture method$337.26
MYCO_GENMycoplasma sp. PCR*$91.93
M_HYO_ABELMycoplasma hyopneumoniae Antibody ELISA* $19.70
M_HYO_PCRMycoplasma hyopneumoniae PCR* $102.69
MM_PCRMycoplasma meleagridis PCR (Real-time PCR)*$91.93
MYCO_O_PCR Mycoplasma ovis PCR*$91.93
MYOPR_PCRMyophosphorylase Deficiency - Charolais$30.21


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
VariousNematode Egg Count (Modified McMaster)$17.33
NEO_ABELNeospora Antibody ELISA* $12.87
NDV_HINewcastle Disease Virus HI Test$8.77
NDV_RT_PCRNewcastle Disease Virus Real–time PCR$177.66
NO3_NO2 Nitrate/Nitrite Dipstick Test (Plant Material)*$22.06
NO3_NO2_AQ Nitrate/Nitrite Merckoquant Strip Test (Aqueous Humour) $19.70
NODA_PCR Nodavirus Real–time PCR $88.83
NOS_BE_MIC Nosema – microscopy$28.37


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
OSHV_PCR Ostreid Herpes Virus-1 Real–time PCR*$88.83
DERMR_PCROvine Dermatosparaxis - Dorper sheep$30.21


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
PA_LAR_CLT Paenibacillus larvae (AFB) honey/bee culture $40.70
PA_LAR_CLTPaenibacillus larvae (AFB) honey/bee culture >10 Samples (single submission only, requiring one report)$36.30
PI3_VI Parainfluenza 3 Virus Isolation $144.25
PI3_ABEL Parainfluenza Virus Antibody ELISA $24.64
PI3_RTPCRParainfluenza 3 Virus Real-time PCR$88.83
PARA_ID_C Parasite Identification – Complex $93.24
PARA_ID_S Parasite Identification – Simple $71.71
WET_PREP Parasitology – Wet Preparation & Microscopic Examination $17.34
N/APasteurella sp. serotyping (outsourced)enquire
P_MULT_PCR Pasteurella multocida PCR* $91.93
IARS_PCRPerinatal Weak Calf Syndrome in Wagyu cattle$30.21
PEST_AGIDPestivirus Antibody AGID (BVD)$20.96
PEST_MILKPestivirus Antibody ELISA in Milk$23.11
PEST_SK_SEPestivirus Antigen ELISA (PACE) – Serum or Skin (1–9 samples)$16.02
PEST_SK_SEPestivirus Antigen ELISA (PACE) – Serum or Skin (10-19 samples)$11.77
PEST_SK_SEPestivirus Antigen ELISA (PACE) – Serum or Skin (>20 samples)$10.09
PEST2_VIPestivirus Isolation (2 passes)$104.32
PEST3_VIPestivirus Isolation (3 passes)$144.25
PI_TESTPestivirus PI Test® – Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (1–9 samples)$16.02
PI_TESTPestivirus PI Test® – Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (10–19) samples)$11.77
PI_TESTPestivirus PI Test® – Bovine Viral Diarrhoea Virus (>20 samples)$10.09
PEST_RTPCRPestivirus Real–time PCR$88.83
PEST_VNPestivirus VNT$45.65
PH_FLUIDS pH at 25° celsius (Fluids)* $12.61
Various Pig Enteric PCR (1 pathogen) $95.58
Various Pig Enteric PCR (2 pathogens) $115.30
Various Pig Enteric PCR (3 pathogens) $135.27
PPMV1_PCRPigeon Paramyxovirus Real–time PCR* $88.83
ROTAP_PCRPigeon Rotavirus Real-time PCR$88.83
E7R_PCRPompe's Disease E7 - Brahman$30.21
E13R_PCRPompe's Disease E13 - Brahman$30.21
E18R_PCRPompe's Disease E18 - Shorthorn$30.21
PCV2_RTPCR Porcine Circovirus Type 2 (PCV2) Real–time PCR $88.83
PPV_RT_PCR Porcine Parvovirus Real–time PCR*$88.83
PM_10 Post Mortem – Swab collection$34.68
PM_20Post Mortem – Short investigation$63.56
PM_30Post Mortem – Detailed investigation$98.24
PROTOR_PCRProtoporphyria - Limousin$30.21
PICRIC_HCN Prussic Acid Screen* $40.71


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
Q_FEV_ABELQ Fever antibody ELISA$27.05
Q_FEV_CFQ Fever CFT$24.95
OYSTER_MICQX – examination of Impression Smears$60.67
Various QX Oyster Initial Processing $43.86
VariousQX PCR$74.33


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
RABB_ABEL Rabbit Calicivirus Antibody ELISA*$12.87
RABB_AGEL Rabbit Calicivirus Antigen ELISA*$12.87
RHDV1_RTPCRabbit Haemorrhagic Disease virus 1 Real Time PCR$88.83
RHDV2_RTPCRabbit Haemorrhagic Disease virus 2 Real Time PCR$88.83
RSV_ABEL Respiratory Syncitial Virus Antibody ELISA $24.64
RR_VN Ross River VNT $45.65
ROTA_PCR Rotavirus Real–time PCR*$88.83
ROTAP_PCR Rotavirus (Pigeon) Real–time PCR*$88.83
AER_CLT Routine culture (Bacteriology) $37.82


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
SALM_CLTSalmonella – Selective culture$68.02
SALM_IDSalmonella sp.serotyping (outsourced)enquire
SA_DUB_SASalmonella dublin SAT$16.82
SA_TYP_SASalmonella typhimurium SAT$16.82
SIM_I_ABEL Simbu Virus Group Antibody ELISA $12.87
SPEC_GRAV Specific Gravity (Urine) $2.37
SB3RW_PCRSpherocytosis (B3) - Wagyu*$30.21
S_EQUI_PCRStreptococcus equi subsp. equi PCR* $91.93
SEQUI_CULTStreptococcus equi subsp. equi – Selective culture $68.02
S_INI_PCR Streptococcus iniae PCR*$91.93
S_SUIS_PCR Streptococcus suis PCR*$91.93
FLU_MATRSwine Influenza A matrix Real-time PCR$88.83
AI_ABELSwine Influenza Antibody ELISA$12.87


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
TMPSP_PCRTheileria orientalis qPCR$66.45
N/ATick fever qPCR (see also Babesia bigemina & Babesia bovis qPCR)$73.53
TOX_LATToxoplasma Latex Test$13.66
TRICHO_RESTrichomonad speciation by RFLP$114.78
TRICH_NIPTrichomonas foetus culture$43.07
TRICHO_PCRTrichomonas PCR* $91.93
A_PYO_PCR Trueperella pyogenes PCR* $91.93


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
GEN_VI Virus Isolation (3 passes) $144.25
GEN_4P_VIVirus Isolation (4 passes)$220.06
GEN_5P_VIVirus Isolation (5 passes)$295.86
N/A Virus Isolation – Cell Culture (Additional Passes) $75.80


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
WNV_B_ABELWest Nile Virus Blocking ELISA$12.87
WNV_ABEL_M West Nile Virus IgM ELISA*$25.43
WNV_PCR West Nile Virus Real–time PCR*$88.83
WSSV_PCR White Spot Syndrome Virus (WSSV) Real–time PCR $106.38
N/AWorm Count – Aliquot$87.46
N/AWorm Count – Total (Bovine)$318.87
N/AWorm Count – Total (Ovine)$146.56
N/AWormTest Basic – Faecal Egg Count (2 pools up to 10 samples)$40.45
N/AWormTest Gold – Faecal Egg Count (10 individual samples)$64.35
Various Worm Typing - Larval Differentiation $23.11


Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
YHV_PCR Yellow Head Virus (YHV) Real–time PCR $106.38
Y_PSEU_PCR Yersinia pseudotuberculosis PCR*$91.93
YERS_CLT Yersinia sp. culture $37.82
Code (Internal use only) Test name Price (incl. GST)
16SRNA_PCR 16sRNA gene sequencing PCR$91.93

* Denotes analyses not covered by the NATA scope of accreditation.

Laboratory Service Charges

Standard charges will apply for all non- approved after hours submissions, return of eskies and on-forwarding of freight to external laboratories:

Service charge Price (incl. GST)

Expert witness certificate


Report to include expert witness certificate


Laboratory Handling Fee*


Laboratory On-Freight Fee - Full


Laboratory On-Freight Fee - Part


Large volume sample preparation


Standard Esky Return


Waste Disposal (per kg)


*This fee may apply to non standard submissions or those that do not meet the Terms and Conditions.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all services offered by NSW DPI Laboratory Services.


Where possible, we work with our clients to negotiate a tailored service. Quotes for specialist or large volume tests are available upon request.

To request a quote please fill in our online Quotation Request Form.

It is highly recommended all export submitters arrange quotations for large shipments to allow the laboratories to prepare and work within tight timeframes and quarantine dates. All requests for export quotations must be accompanied by the current testing protocol to ensure correct tests and testing dilutions are applied. To request a quote for an export shipment please fill in our online Quotation Request Form, or if you have further questions please email: