Gulper shark management arrangements

Both Harrisson’s dogfish (Centrophoros harrissoni) and southern dogfish (C. zeehaani) have been considerably depleted in their range of distribution.  As such, actions are required that will enable the rebuilding of their populations. The Commonwealth organisations: Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA), the CSIRO and the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, have been involved in a project that identifies areas of suitable habitat for each species and where closures of those areas will likely result in population rebuilding.

DPI Fisheries has also been involved in the process since it has jurisdiction over the waters off NSW where these sharks reside. Therefore, any closures, or other options, will impact NSW fishing stakeholders.

To keep you up to date with the latest developments, any new information on this process will be available from this webpage. Please check it regularly and contact the appropriate person (details below) if you require further information.


Area of interest


Phone no.

Fisheries NSW

Manages NSW fishing activities

Veronica Silberschneider

(02) 9527 8550

C’wealth SEWPaC

Manages the Commonwealth threatened species process

Shaneen Coulson

(02) 6274 2238

Professional Fishermen’s Association (PFA)

Key industry representative working on behalf of PFA members

Tricia Beatty

(02) 6652 7374