Ocean Trawl Quota Calculator

The Secretary for the Department of Primary Industries has determined the Total Allowable Effort (TAE) for ocean trawl prawning. The TAE is 542,000 effort units (or standardised hull units days).

At the beginning of each fishing period (season) the TAE is allocated amongst shareholders as quota, proportional to the number of prawn effort quota shares held. The fishing period for ocean trawl prawning extends from 1 May to 30 April in the following year.

You can use the calculators below to calculate your quota, the standardised hull units of your boat and the number of days available to you.

When using the second calculator, the length, depth and breadth of your boat must be measured in accordance with the National Standard for Commercial Vessels (NSCV), to two decimal places.

If during the fishing period you transfer quota or decide to use a new boat that is a different size (i.e. standardised hull units), the number of days available to you will change.

More information on the ocean trawl prawning effort quota.

Ocean Trawl Quota Calculator

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