Live for Adventure - Fish for Life

People fishing on a beach

Reel in a new experience, catch some family time and detox from the pressures of modern life

Fishing offers the perfect excuse to escape the everyday and get out into the great outdoors. Whether you’re fishing solo, with friends or family, wetting a line is always a memorable experience that connects you to nature.

Discover the benefits of casting a line and you'll agree, there's much more to fishing than catching.

Seeking new adventures
People camping by a fire

If you love exploring new destinations, road tripping, camping, or just getting out there, fishing will fuel your wanderlust.

With some of the most stunning waterways in the world and fish in abundance, NSW’s breathtaking coastlines, pristine estuaries, crystal clear alpine rivers and impressive inland impoundments are waiting to be explored. The opportunities for adventure are endless.

Being in awe of nature
Fisherman standing on rocks

Not just about the thrill of the catch, fishing provides an opportunity to connect with the natural world. There’s nothing like watching the sunrise over the ocean or marvelling at nature as you practice a new lifelong skill.

Not to mention, the abundance of wildlife you'll spot in NSW's pristine waterways, from turtles to penguins there's always something awe-inspiring to experience.

Catching your breath

People on hammock

A sport for some, a form of meditation for others, casting out a line can be as relaxing or as active as you want it to be. In fact, scientific studies have shown that fishing can reduce stress and boost mental wellbeing – it’s the perfect form of mindfulness.

Getting the family hooked

Kids fishing on jetty

Fishing is the perfect way for families to have fun, learn new skills and spend time together outside.

A wonderful activity for kids, fishing is as fun and addictive as it is educational – at every level there are problems to solve and new techniques to master. From tying knots to learning about fish behaviour or reading the water, fishing is a lifelong skill.

Making lasting memories

Family fishing from a jetty

More than just a hobby, fishing connects generations and creates family memories that will last a lifetime – it’s no wonder fishing is rite of passage for kids and one of the most popular family activities in NSW.

Want to learn the basics?

Fishing doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require a little planning. Whether you’re packing for a trip out of town or just down the road, there are a few essentials you’ll need wherever you go.

You can fish with a simple handline or choose a rod and reel combination. If you’re just starting out, you don’t need to spend a fortune on gear. Like any outdoor pursuit, you can add to your kit as you try different types of fishing.

Fishing equipment

We recommend a small tackle box containing long nose pliers, terminal tackle (swivels, weights and circle hooks) and a small knife. A fish friendly knotless mesh net can also be handy.

Angler with fishA simple running sinker rig or jig-head and soft plastic lure is all you need to get going. There are plenty of tutorials online and the staff at your local tackle or camping store will be delighted to show you the basics.

Check out this handy back to basics fishing guide (PDF, 1292.25 KB)

Check out our 2021 ‘back to basics’ Gone Fishing Day special where Social Fishing's Rhys Creed and DPI’s very own Ian Osterloh cover off on the basic tackle, rigs and baits you need to catch golden perch in our inland dams and rivers and bream and flathead in coastal waters.

Come along to one of our free ‘try fishing’ sessions

Try your hand at fishing, learn the latest tips and tricks and have a fun family day out at one of DPI’s free community fishing events.

There will be fishing workshops for kids and adults, casting lessons, our Fisheries Education Advisory Trailer with loads of fishing
information and some great giveaways.

To check out the dates and locations of our upcoming events follow this link. Or for more information email or call (02) 9741 4706.

Helpful resources

Saltwater & Freshwater Fishing Guides

These guides provide all the information you need to get fishing, including details on fishing fees, catch and release fishing, safety
tips, knots and rigs, fishing rules, legal lengths, bag limits, protected and threatened species, and tide charts.

They also provide detail on significant projects in areas such as fisheries enhancement, habitat restoration, essential research
programs, game fish tagging, fish stocking activities, safety awareness, education and community participation activities.

Saltwater Fishing Guide
Freshwater Fishing Guide

Copies of the NSW Recreational Saltwater Fishing Guides are available from NSW DPI Fisheries offices and most fishing tackle
shops. These documents are not fully web accessible, please contact for more information.

Screen shot of Fishsmart app

FishSmart App

The FishSmart app provides recreational fishers 24/7 access to essential information on fishing in NSW. The app includes information on bag and size limits, marine protected areas, local tides and weather and allows anglers to keep their very own catch log.

It provides a real-time map to locate your nearest FADs, Artificial Reefs, Recreational Fishing Havens and shows where marine
protected areas are. It also includes guides on; spearfishing, fishing safely, trout fishing, regional fishing information and more.

Use the app to contact DPI for reporting illegal fishing, fish kills, pest species etc as well as to contact local Fisheries Offices. You can view our Facebook newsfeed and pay your recreational fishing licence fee using the app too.

You can find it in the iTunes app store or on Google Play.