Director General NSW Department of Primary Industries

Scott Hansen

Scott Hansen

NSW produces some of the highest quality agricultural, forestry and fisheries products in the world, and NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is committed to ensuring our producers are supported to continue to drive sustainable industry growth.

The resilience of NSW producers was demonstrated during 2022-23, as La Nina caused extremely wet conditions (including extensive flooding in many areas) and biosecurity threats continued to increase. In light of these challenges, it was encouraging that the state’s primary industries were able to achieve a Gross Value of Production (GVP) of $21.2 billion, which is the second highest GVP on record. Meanwhile, NSW primary industries’ exports increased 15% to a record high of $13.1 billion.

In cropping, the area planted for crops and subsequent production levels were lower than the preceding year but remained well above the 10-year average. Prices for many crops also remained high by historical standards, which supported the overall value of the crop produced.

The value of livestock and livestock products reached a record high during the 2022-23 period, however prices have since dramatically fallen on the back of the state’s herd and flock recovering to pre-2018 drought levels, which means there is greater supply.

Looking forward, NSW DPI remains focused on delivering a range of initiatives for the sector, including: research and development to grow agriculture, fisheries, forestry primary industries; and regulation and administration of biosecurity, food safety, animal welfare, fishing and hunting in NSW. In addition, NSW DPI continues to assist primary producers prepare for, respond to and assist in recovery from natural disasters, animal and plant biosecurity emergencies, and other emergencies affecting the sector.

While the emergence of drier conditions in 2023 has created a more challenging environment for primary producers, DPI remains committed to maximising outcomes for NSW primary industries, the communities they support and the resources they rely on, both today and for the future.