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Records of Movement or Planting

Record of Planting - Banana Bunchy Top Virus

Complete the digital form:

Record of Planting - Banana Bunchy Top Virus

Cattle tick – Livestock Movements

  • NSW entry requirements
  • Movements onto or off a restricted holding in NSW

Animals that carry cattle tick (cattle tick carrier) need to meet certain inspection and/or treatment requirements under the Biosecurity Act 2015 and Biosecurity Order (Permitted Activities) 2019.

Cattle tick carrier means cattle, bison, buffalo, deer, equine, sheep, goats, camelids.

All movements of cattle tick carriers entering NSW, or moving onto/off a restricted holding in NSW can be declared using a digital Record of Movement (ROM) form and can be submitted with a photo or scanned image of a biosecurity certificate. Please refer to the factsheets to learn more about the requirements and the mandatory documentation.

A Record of Movement form is legal declaration required by NSW DPI from the person responsible to verify that the mandatory requirements have been met for the movement of animals that carry cattle tick (cattle tick carriers).

Warning: It is an offence under section 308 of the Biosecurity Act 2015 for a person to furnish information that the person knows to be false or misleading in a material particular.

Record of Movement forms for cattle tick

Complete the digital form:

Record of Movement form

Alternatively, should you be unable to submit a digital ROM, please request a fillable form from DPI Cattle Tick Operations (CTO). For any related enquiries or to request a fillable form please contact an on-duty authorised officer at the relevant CTO Unit per below:

Entering NSW – livestock entry requirements, allow 48 hours for response

QLD Border Unit/CTO

Within NSW - movements onto or off a restricted holding, allow 48 hours for response, Monday to Friday

NSW Response Unit/CTO

Secondary cattle tick carriers

Venues may apply for low-risk land status (self-certification) by emailing to request an application.

The updated Record of Movement app was released July 2023!

  • Improved function (APP)
  • Easy access to cattle tick information and forms
  • Offline capability
  • 2-page summary report for printing
  • Interactive QLD tick zones map
  • Property Identification Code (PIC) with validation
  • Restrictions on movement dates to assist with complying with mandatory measures
  • Detailed information to improve user understanding and experience


Group Biosecurity permits for cattle tick