• arrow-up Expenditure $1,406m est. Down 10% yoy.
  • Hunters play an important role in the front line to detect and prevent the spread of animal disease.
  • Expenditure by hunters supports many businesses.

Virtual adaptation for R-Licence accreditations

Hunters must complete the R-Licence Accreditation Course before they can apply for a NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-Licence).

This course is run locally by community trainers from hunting clubs and retailers as part of the Hunter Learning, Education and Accreditation Program (LEAP).

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the course is now offered via video conferencing to people in the comfort of their own home while still offering the same level of support from trainers.

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Game and Pest Management Advisory Board Appointed

Eight members were appointed to the Game and Pest Management Advisory Board in August 2020 through to 2025.

The Board represents the interests of licensed hunters and provides advice to the Minister and DPI on important matters relating to hunting and game and pest animal management in NSW.

The Board members possess a broad range of expertise from wildlife, pest and sustainable land management, through to project management and policy formation.

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Regulating Hunting