Wine Grapes

  • arrow-up Output $225m est. Down 5% yoy.
  • Drought and fire affected yield.
  • Average grape quality was up.

DPI Grapevine Management Guide 2020-21

Viticulturists have the latest information for vineyard management at their fingertips, with the release of the new Grapevine Management Guide 2020-21 from the DPI.

The guide provides articles on grapevine diseases, vine nutrition, vineyard management and wine research.

Growers can also find information on the current projects being conducted at the National Wine and Grape Industry Centre (NWGIC), that aim to increase the development, sustainability and profitability of the wine industry.

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Graham Gregory Award

The prestigious Graham Gregory Award is the top citation acknowledging an individual's outstanding contribution to the NSW wine industry.

The Graham Gregory Award recognises peers for their contribution within the NSW wine industry.

The award is named after former NSW Agriculture Deputy Director General Graham Gregory, who was instrumental in the development of the NSW wine industry, and recognises areas such as leadership, research and development, winemaking, education and market development.

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